Peace of mind guaranteed: What to look out for in roof system guarantees

With an increasing focus on life-time costs, a building’s product and system guarantees have become an integral part in the decision-making process in modern refurbishment and new build projects

Tom Kerr, sales director at Langley Waterproofing Systems Ltd, explains the value-added benefit from choosing a system with a comprehensive guarantee and what decision-makers should look out for.

A guarantee on any new installation, whether as part of a new build or refurbishment, should give specifiers confidence and peace of mind that if an issue occurs it will be rectified quickly. This is particularly true for roof systems that by their nature are less visible than other parts of the building. This means faults may not be identified immediately and can then be expensive and disruptive to fix.

While many manufacturers and system suppliers offer lengthy guarantees – often in excess of 20 years – the period of the cover alone is not always an indication of the true value to those managing the building. It is often the devil in the detail – and in particular the terms and conditions.

For any guarantee, it is crucial to understand what is covered. Some suppliers may guarantee the materials and components that make up the system but not the design or installation. This can be problematic if a claim has to be made, as it will take time to establish the initial cause of the problem. For example, a product supplier may not take responsibility if its system has been installed incorrectly.

Roof systems that are provided with a truly comprehensive guarantee provide a streamlined process that ensures steps are taken immediately to rectify any issue

On the other hand, roof systems that are provided with a truly comprehensive guarantee provide a streamlined process that ensures steps are taken immediately to rectify any issue. They often benefit from a single point of contact, to avoid time consuming communications with various parts of the supply chain. For example, Langley’s guarantees cover all components, including their wide range of accessories and materials of the roofing system as well as the design – and include protection for any consequential loss caused by defects in the system. In addition, Langley is able to offer a guarantee for installation because their systems are permitted to be installed by Approved Contractors and the work is monitored and inspected by Langley throughout the project. This ensures a retained level of workmanship.

Furthermore, with guarantee periods covering multiple decades, its value can be undermined if the organisation providing the guarantee is no longer operating. As such the most valuable guarantees will be those that are backed by independent insurance policies. This means that even if the contractor or supplier of the system ceases trading, the policy will still be relied upon to be covered. Similarly, it is important to check if the guarantee will remain valid if ownership of the building changes. This can help improve the value of the property as an asset as it will give potential buyers confidence that they will not be left high and dry, if defects surface later on down the line. Each Langley roof guarantee remains active regardless of ownership changes and is backed by an individual insurance policy, paid for by a single premium included in the quoted price of the system.

Each Langley roof guarantee remains active regardless of ownership changes

Finally, in addition to a reliable and comprehensive guarantee, a robust roof asset management plan is crucial. While guarantees will provide protection against defects to certain elements depending on what has been detailed in the terms and conditions, steps must also be taken to identify and prevent issues caused by other factors. For example, blocked outlets can lead to rainwater pooling on the roof and cause damage. Similarly, greater exposure to UV rays will contribute to the degradation of the roof, as will proximity to trees due to an increased risk of physical damage from debris. An asset management plan combined with maintenance throughout the guarantee period will help ensure that any issues are picked up and addressed quickly. Often damage or defects can be corrected swiftly before it begins to seriously affect the roofing systems structure, or damage to the building itself.

Many roofing systems are supplied with long-term guarantees but specifiers must look carefully at the terms of the agreement to understand what is covered. The highest quality guarantees will be insurance backed, cover all elements of the design, materials including accessories and installation and provide a single point of contact in the event of an issue.

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