Peace-of-mind cooking

Prefect Controls has just launched the PRE 9276

The single-gang unit is installed between the hob and cooker isolator switch and ensures that hobs cannot be left on, should the cook be distracted.

This version of Hobsafe has the same features as the popular two-gang versions but is more compact. The capacity is 30amps with 15-, 20-, 30- or 45-minute run-times being selectable during installation. 

There is a neutral feed terminal and a neutral output. These large (13.3mm) terminals make fixing easy and quick – eliminating the fiddly issue of doubling up two cables into one terminal. 

There are two modes of operation: Fixed – when the timer runs its course – or On/Off – where a second press of the button allows the time-run to be stopped at any point.

Hobsafe is easy to use with simple button operation and clear, dimmable LED indicators. When the current time-run is about to expire, the red ‘hob active’ LED will flash to warn that the hob is about to be turned off, giving the operator the opportunity to reset the timer, if necessary. 

Hobsafe conforms with EN60730 and is moulded in PC/ABS, making the timer durable. PC/ABS is UV stable and resistant to cleaning products.  

Prefect controls is also able to install Hobsafe, providing a one-stop, peace-of-mind service for student accommodation managers, safety-conscious landlords, and care partners of those living with dementia. 

For more information, call Adrian Barber at Prefect Controls on 01787 320604

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