Optimising campus space with smart lockers to create a better student experience

GANTNER adds unique value in higher education by pairing existing campus cards with modern smart lockers to deliver convenience and security

Most schools, colleges and universities already use ID credentials for access control purposes, but a majority in the higher education sector still uses the traditional key or padlock when it comes to student lockers.

The transition to smart lockers is relatively easy and cost-effective but it also provides unique features when locks and keys are being replaced with smart cards, fobs or wristbands using contactless technology.

Around the globe, lockers are becoming more commonplace in university cafeterias and libraries where backpacks are not allowed as a theft or cheating precaution. Smart lockers can be a particularly good investment for that kind of environment.

Enhanced features

Existing smart locker deployments at universities have also helped identify certain needs for new features and functions for the locking system. Added features such as alarms, LED lights and USB charging ports can also help justify higher locker rental fees, allowing institutions to make more revenue from their smart locker investment.

With more devices like smartphones and tablets relying on batteries that need to be charged daily, there’s been a greater demand for lockers with USB charging ports. In combination with the hardwired NET.Lock system, students can use the GANTNER App to book a locker or even open their locker with their smartphone.

Networked locking systems are wired, although battery locks are available as a cheaper alternative. Installation costs vary depending on locker layout and efficiency in planning. Many campuses recoup these costs by renting out lockers on either a per-term or per-use basis.

The hardwired locking solution quickly shows the availability of lockers with a red or green LED, so campus cards can easily be assigned to a locker with the Relaxx Locker Management software and it will keep track of all locker activities 24/7.

This results in minimal locker management for campus staff, an increase in user experience and maximum security.

No more lost or stolen keys

With smart lockers, campus administrators and receptionists will no longer need to keep track of students’ keys and deal with the production of replacements when they are lost or stolen.

Everyone knows how easy it is tolose a key or two. With a smart card, fob or wristband solution it is much cheaper, quicker and easier to replace a student’s credential, and instantly restore the access to their locker remotely with the Relaxx software.

Parcel delivery on university campuses

College students are among the largest groups of online shoppers in the world. That leads to overcrowded campus mailroom pick-up areas, limited pick-up hours and students crowding to retrieve their packages at the same time regardless of their size or location.

Space is a premium at universities and every square footage is being examined for its cost effectiveness and importance of its usage.

At many universities, the largest space requirements come in the form of traditional mail receptacles and storage shelving for parcels pending pickup. With package volume exponentially increasing each year, more and more universities are faced with having to make the decision of moving away from tradition and embracing some of the latest and available technology options.

GANTNER integrates smart locker technology in a complete mail-room and parcel delivery solution for picking up and leaving parcels. Students are notified by email that a parcel is ready to be picked up and they can use a unique pincode or their smartphone to open the locker.

To find out more, visit: www.gantner.com

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