King’s College Wohl Institute receives RIBA London award

New research facility at King’s College London is award winning space for collaboration, research and education

PM Devereux and Allies and Morrison joined forces to develop a new research facility for King’s College London (King’s), which has been recognised with both a RIBA National Award and RIBA London Award

The Maurice Wohl Clinical Neuroscience Institute provides flexible, sustainable accommodation comprising research laboratories for stroke and head injury, neurogenetics, epilepsy and neurodegeneration, with office and seminar spaces. The mission of the project was to harness the power of the very latest scientific technologies in genetics, cell biology and brain imaging to advance our understanding of neurological diseases and translate this into improved care for patients. 

The new home for the Neuroscience Division of King’s world leading Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience facilitates a crucial link between laboratory research and new therapies by bringing together, in one building, clinicians and scientists. The brief also called for a cohesive visual identity for the campus by establishing the new building as a focal point. The design includes a new public court linking the group of research buildings, with a café and a high quality public realm for increased security and interaction.

Sustainability measures designed from the outset reduce energy demand: external shading; solar control to reduce cooling load; energy efficient pumps and fans; high efficiency chillers and boilers; high efficiency lighting and PIR controls for unoccupied areas.

Nic Allen, Principal Director at PM Devereux, commented: “It is fantastic to receive both the RIBA National Award and the RIBA London Award for the Maurice Wohl building. The brief presented a number of challenges and I want to congratulate our team in PM Devereux and Allies and Morrison’s team for their creativity and innovation – this is our fifth successful joint project together. The finished project meets the demands of scientific research developments and anticipates how the facility can meet future requirements.” 

In response to the award and the finished project, Christopher Shaw, Professor of Neurology and Neurogenetics and Director of the Institute, explained: “When we began this project we knew we had a challenging task because the techniques we use to study the brain are rapidly evolving. PM Devereux and Allies and Morrison came to us with an exciting concept which not only met our current requirements but they were able to anticipate our future needs which will keep us ahead of the field in the competitive world of Neuroscience.”

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