Interface weaves a warm welcome in university foyer

Sponsored: Modular flooring specialist, Interface, has helped transform the lobby of Nottingham Uni’s Business School South into an inviting space

Taking inspiration from the tranquil surroundings of the Jubilee Campus where the School is sited, the University of Nottingham wanted to create a stylish foyer that put students in the right frame of mind for lectures.

B+M Installations was supported by Interface’s Concept Design team, a specialist service dedicated to helping architects and designers bring the latest flooring trends into educational, public and commercial interiors.

The open-plan space now features dedicated breakout areas, delineated using flooring from the World Woven collection’s Scottish Sett. The distinctive tweed-inspired pattern of this range, as well as the strands of orange, perfectly reflect the coarse woven texture and bold colours of the sofas in these activity zones. The workstations, meanwhile, are marked out using the World Woven collection in charcoal tweed, helping to define the quieter study areas from the zones for group interaction.

“To achieve the University’s goal, we felt it was crucial to tap into the current trend for bringing the kind of artisanal fabrics and materials normally found in the domestic environment into public spaces,” explained Donna Dent, Concept Designer at Interface. “The Scottish Sett collection is ideal for this – the traditional feel of its tartan-like texture inspired by the hand-woven fabrics of the Highlands, contrasts nicely with the contemporary flooring scheme used elsewhere in the space.”

Finally, a defined pathway bisects all of the distinct zones to draw visitors from the building’s doorway to the auditorium. Skinny plank carpet tiles from Interface’s On Line and Off Line collection are laid in a herringbone format to create a striking focal point to the space. Its neutral grey tones reflect the colours of the shifting shadows of the trees outside the windows, while its bright orange accents further complement the colour scheme of the furniture in the room.

Speaking about the end results of the refurbishment, Stavros Pourikas, Capital Projects Officer at the University of Nottingham, concluded: “We particularly like the Scottish Sett, it works really well with the rest of the space. The design scheme really does create a warm, welcoming environment for visitors. Our students love using the space, and we’re thrilled with the end result.”

To find out more about the On Line and Off Line collections, and the World Woven range, visit the Interface website:

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