Gradus step up to the mark at the University of Derby

Sponsored: XT stair edgings from Gradus have been installed to all core staircases at Derby Uni’s Nunnery Court halls to create a safe environment

With hundreds of people passing through the halls of residence each year, the staircases need to be able to withstand heavy footfall, whilst also providing a safe and inclusive environment for students, staff and visitors alike.

GXT11 aluminium stair edgings from Gradus’s market-leading XT range were chosen at Nunnery Court due to their safety and durability. They protect the step edge and surrounding floor coverings from damage, subsequently reducing ongoing maintenance costs at the facility. The XT range features an insert that extends around the leading edge of the profile to ensure that foot contact is always made with the slip-resistant element, this helps to reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls. To further increase safety on the stairs, Xtra-grip inserts were chosen which offer increased surface roughness to reduce the risk of slip particularly where the stair edgings may become wet. Specified in the colour ‘Vapour’ (grey), the inserts harmonise with the interior design but also provide the correct LRV (light reflectance value) to highlight the step edge, crucial for helping to prevent slip, trip and fall accidents.

‘GXT11 aluminium stair edgings from Gradus’s market-leading XT range were chosen at Nunnery Court due to their safety and durability.’

Victoria Parry, Hall Manager for Nunnery Court, commented: “We required a robust stair edging system that could withstand the large amount of people accessing the halls and using the staircases on a daily basis. We’re extremely pleased with the finished outcome, not only do they look great, we have the added reassurance that they have been manufactured by a company with over 50 years’ experience.”

The XT range has been developed specifically in line with the latest legislation in Approved Document M of the Building Regulations 2010, and all of the XT stair edgings are available to download as BIM objects. This provides specifiers with up-to-date, accurate technical information to build into their next project.

For further information on Gradus’ full range of XT stair edgings, please contact Gradus Technical Support on 01625 428922 or visit

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