Do your homework on homeworking: How to practise self-care while working from home

Written by: Rebecca Greier Horton, workplace wellbeing knowledge lead at Herman Miller

Self-care has been a hot topic in 2020. And now, given the fact that many of us are working from home, it’s even more important. How do we look after our mental, emotional and physical health while trying to manage the challenges of working remotely?

When it comes to WFH, comfort is key. Take time to set up an ergonomic home office. This will help prevent the musculoskeletal disorders that can occur when you work on a laptop for long periods of time, and it will increase your cognitive engagement. So, where to start?

1. Light It Up

Select a spot where natural light is your primary light source. Research indicates our sleep cycles and even our hormones are positively affected by this. If your set-up is near a window where you can let the fresh air circulate – even better!

2. Police Your Posture

Remember that bad posture still counts when you work from home, and that how you sit today will shape your body forever.

3. Get a Move On

Move your body! At Herman Miller we have a saying – Sit, Stand, Move, Repeat. Whether or not you have space for a height-adjustable desk, research from the University of Waterloo advises that for each hour worked, we should spend 30 minutes standing. I find the kitchen counter, or bedroom chest of drawers a great makeshift standing desk.

4. Treat Yourself

If you’ve hesitated to purchase a good ergonomic chair for your home office, consider making the investment in your health. Now more than ever, it’s important to choose an office chair that supports your body, as the right chair can influence cognition and your body’s ability to handle stress – and let’s face it, the dining room chair is quickly losing its charm.

Take Away: Practising self-care should be your number one priority as you work from home. It will help you be the best partner, caregiver, mum/dad, leader, friend and contributor that you can be.

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