Connecting spaces with flooring

Forbo Flooring Systems mix functionality with comfort to create contemporary yet robust flooring

Over the last decade, the design of university buildings has changed significantly. The old design model of plain and simple furniture and floor coverings that exude little character are no longer suitable for today’s students. Instead, interior design schemes are steering towards societal and even geographical trends, as designers are taking into account the culture of local areas and adapting design and aesthetics to provide students with a space that will enhance their wellbeing and learning experience.

What’s more, with university buildings consisting of many different areas, from lecture theatres to communal areas and cafes, interior products such as floor coverings can play an integral role in defining, yet connecting, these different spaces.

However, as students also expect interior products to have better-quality finishes, floor coverings that are functional, comfortable, easy to maintain and robust, but also provide a contemporary aesthetic, must be chosen.

One such example is The Hugh Pollard lecture theatre, located at the University of Cumbria’s Lancaster campus, which is used by hundreds of students every day. After many years of use, the foyer of the building became outdated, with the flooring also needing to be replaced. The new floor covering had to be durable, easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing to help create a lasting impression for years to come.

Forbo Flooring Systems’ Tessera Cloudscape was installed in the foyer area complementing the teal and grey furniture that is in place. The carpet tiles offer outstanding performance, even in the most demanding of heavy traffic environments, and the multi-height loop design delivers soft and atmospheric patterns that are inspired by constantly changing cloud formations – helping to contribute to the creation of a more calming, relaxed and reflective environment.

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