Bath University goes electric in new 293-room accommodation

“The University researched controls for electric heating and discovered PrefectIrus”

The University of Bath is home to almost 18,000 students representing more than 130 nationalities. It consistently ranks within the top 10 UK universities.

Polden is a 293-room facility located on the Claverton Down campus. The accommodation comprises 37 flats across two buildings with a landscaped courtyard.

Mark Comerford, of MEP Engineering Solutions Ltd., is the Mechanical and Electrical Consultant for the project.

“An initial consideration was whether to use wet, gas-fired heating or electric. The concern with electric was running cost. The University researched controls for electric heating and discovered PrefectIrus.”

Prefect Controls Ltd, design and manufacture PrefectIrus which is now installed in over 20,000 student rooms across the UK. The system can generate energy savings of around 40%.

More BEMS than thermostat – PrefectIrus manages, measures and monitors environmental conditions in individual rooms from a central control unit. Using mains-borne signalling, the system is non-invasive and therefore cost effective to install.

Management set and monitor comfort and ‘sleep’ temperatures while controlling time profiles in each bedroom separately. The system enables tailoring of the time temperature profile to achieve maximum energy savings, without compromising comfort.

Mark continues, “The University made the commercial decision to use electric heating – They looked at what Irus could do, the energy savings it can provide, and put that into their model. We reviewed the technical specification – did it fit? Would it do the job? Would it deliver the temperatures? etc. All these boxes were ticked so we were introduced to Prefect.”

“As an electric system, there really isn’t much competition, no one else offers the full range of controlling services. Prefect focus on heating and ventilation and offer all the functions that are required. Irus went quite a way to reducing the running costs.”

For both retrofit and new-build projects PrefectIrus provides a cost-effective control system that has proven to reduce energy costs. With features including light, humidity and noise-level monitoring, indication of failing third-party components such as water heating, thermostats and leaking tanks, Irus is creating safer, more comfortable environments, resulting in enhanced student experiences.

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