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YourGuarantor provides UK Universities with an end to end facility enabling them to act as UK Rent Guarantor for their international students

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Our service has been developed to respond to the long established demand from international students studying in the UK who are asked to provide a UK Rent Guarantor when they rent in the private sector. Where students cannot provide a rent guarantor they are almost always asked to pay most if not all of the rent in advance. Currently, provision is either limited (in the case of a handful of universities acting as guarantor) or very expensive and not without risk (in the case of commercial alternatives). With reduced housing options and cash flow problems, this can effect the student experience.

Your Guarantor enables the university to act as a rent guarantor for international students, at no cost to the university. By partnering with Your Guarantor, universities are protected by an insurance policy that covers the costs in the event that a student defaults on their rent. Each guarantee that is provided is added to the insurance policy to ensure that the university is fully protected. There is no charge to the university; the premium is covered by the fee paid by students who sign up. Administration is kept to a minimum thanks to, an online platform through which the student applications are made, payments collected and the necessary documentation is generated.

We are currently live with the King’s College London & the University of Essex and are due to announce more partnerships with other universities shortly.
If you would like to know how YourGuarantor helps universities deliver on student experience, boost their reputation and attract more international students, and if you’d like to be among the clutch of early adopters, delivering benefit to your international students as Kings & Essex are doing, do get in touch.

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