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With rising student expectations and demands, integrated and streamlined computerised systems can ensure a smoother, more cost efficient administrative process. Synel Intelligent Management Software EduReg for data collection, time & attendance, scheduling, electronic registration and access control applications can assist UK universities to raise their academic standards and help them reach their management goals by reducing costs and stay up to date with the most efficient technology while not compromising on security standards.

Synel systems can be easily integrated at the entrance of lecture halls or seminars rooms allowing students to scan either their fingerprint or smart cards to confirm their attendance. Professors and lecturers save time from the registration process thus gaining precious productive time. Student Registration systems not only provide a registration service but they assist greatly in the safety of the campus since these systems can be integrated to other campus resources like library and fitness gym.

By selecting EduReg lecturers can use mobile, web enabled online devices for lessons and AM/PM registration, while the system integrates other functions as well, like cashless meals and payment solutions for refectories, classroom attendance view and reporting.

About us

Synel UK develops, produces, supplies and installs computerised systems for data collection, time & attendance, scheduling, electronic registration and access control applications for Universities.

Synel UK has over 25 years of experience as a total solutions provider. Synel’s education system, Edu-Reg, is a web based suite of modular solutions for managing student interactions with the common elements of University life. It provides a simple and user friendly interface for the monitoring of student attendance with a web based electronic registration using biometric identification (fingerprint/facial recognition or smart cards), allowing for security access control, visitor management, dashboard views and mobile registration.

Discover more about Synel University Solutions

1.Student Registration – Raise academic standards & Save time

In today’s ICT driven world, the old paper/tutor based methods of student registration seem antiquated and outdated. We can help you to make the most of precious teaching time and deliver real reductions in mounting administration costs.

This comprehensive system will help you and your University save time without the need for manual registration. This in turn encourages students to take responsibility.

2.Cashless Payment – Create a cashless campus environment

Integrated cashless meals and payment solutions save time, money, hassle and deliver a transparent and seamless solution. Taking cash transactions out of the catering environment has many benefits speed of processing, security, greater control, less administration, the removal of cash handling issues for students as well as staff.

We offer three Tier solution for cashless operations. Cashless tills allowing you to manage all sales of cashless meals and products. So whether we’re talking catering, retail, print and copy, laundry, fees and fines, trips and events, Synel’s cashless system deliver a single platform accommodating spend in all areas. Full print and copy control using same purse integrated with vending machines, cash loaders, and rewrite web payment providers.

3.Visitor Management – Reduce administration costs

The Edu-Reg Visitor Management module was designed for the University sector to replace existing paper visitor books system used at reception desks. It simplifies the process of signing visitors IN and OUT whilst increasing security, safeguarding students and staff, and improving health and safety measures.

With optional sections for Staff and Students registration, the system provides a clear and accurate view of all visitors on site. Flexible and easily customised screen layouts allow users to add logos, change colours and text according to their own users preference.

4.School Registration System – Tablet Application, Mobile & Easy to use

The Edu-Reg tablet app allows lecturers to use mobile, web enabled online devices for lesson and AM/PM registration. The tablet app enables easy registration of students or staff using smart cards, QR reading or through manual entry.

5.Access Control Edu-Reg – Provide a safe and secured environment

Safeguard your students, staff, assets and facilities by providing a safe and secured environment for everyone to be in. Our system interfaces seamlessly with existing University systems and enables tutor-independent student registration using card or fingerprint based solutions, for each period.


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