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What we do

We offer a great student experience – plus a great investment opportunity.
We’ve worked closely with investors and universities to build a portfolio of 2,800 beds, making us one of the biggest providers in the student accommodation market. With another 1,350 beds across the UK in the pipeline, we’ve become the fastest growing too.
At South Street Asset Management we know communication is key so we also speak to universities and student associations regularly, to make sure that our properties are meeting students’ ever-changing needs. It’s this attention to detail that has made us one of the leading providers in the sector and where our partner institutions choose to nominate their students.
We provide a unique fee structure that makes sure our interests are aligned with those of our clients. Rather than a fixed amount, or gross rental returns, we base our fees on net rents – which gives us all the incentive we need to minimise costs and maximise returns.
We have the best facilities management in the business.
We’re partnered with Sodexo – one of the world’s leading facilities management providers. Sodexo carries out all our ‘hard’ facilities management, taking care of everything from security and CCTV to cleaning and grounds maintenance.
This is backed up by the ‘soft’ services we deliver to help students settle into their accommodation. Also, with our market-leading student database Occam Room Service we manage every aspect of the accommodation cycle without any fuss.

The scale of our partnership with Sodexo means that we can provide exemplary facilities management and customer service at a very competitive price.

About us

About South Street We have a great portfolio. And it’s growing all the time. View Our Properties > About South Street
We’re not just looking to the future, we’re talking to the future
At the heart of our marketing strategy is our student-facing brand ‘DIGS Student’. It projects professionalism, security and value for money, with honesty, consistency and reliability.
We were the first student accommodation provider in the UK to embrace social media as a tool for marketing and communication. Our student-facing brand ‘DIGS’ uses Twitter, Facebook and blogs to communicate with students, those already living with us as well as potential new residents, and it’s an invaluable tool for managing expectations and enhancing their student experience.
Social media offers us constant marketing opportunities, helps us keep in touch with our customers, and allows us to respond immediately to the questions they raise. The fact that we communicate so clearly and so regularly has helped us to build up a very strong reputation amongst students. Proof of this is the number of students who not only come back year after year, but also recommend us to their friends. Our residents each year become our best and biggest advocates.
By talking to our customers, finding out how they feel about us, and understanding what’s working for them, we’re making sure that we keep the DIGS promise – that we enhance their student experience.