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What we do

Solutions for education. Power the digital classroom with Apple and JAMF Software.

Our Casper Suite and Casper Focus tools make it easy for schools to unleash the power of Apple technologies in the classroom giving IT managers a robust way to manage all Apple computers and devices under their control, while ensuring faculty and students enjoy the rich and intuitive end-user experience that the Apple platform is known for worldwide.
And with the Casper Suite, educational institutions can take full advantage of Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP) & Volume Purchase Program (VPP) services to manage devices, software, and eBooks. Register today for one of our weekly open demos of the Casper Suite.

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About us

About JAMF Software

JAMF Software was established in 2002 with one guiding principle, the Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. For our founders, this not only meant creating the IT administrator tools, services, and resources they would choose for themselves, but building a company based on these core principles and values.


What we do, how we help

We help commercial, education, and government organizations succeed with the Apple platform. In fact, we’re the only management solution built exclusively for Mac, iPad, and iPhone devices. By providing a simple, flexible, and scalable framework to work within, the Casper Suite helps IT admins maintain, update, and ensure their fleet of Apple devices are running at optimal performance. With an effective management solution in place, admins can rest assured their end users’ most crucial technology needs are always met from automated software updates, to security, to inventory.
Our beliefs

We believe in making the complex simple. We believe in the power of “And” – that no one product can solve every problem and by combining powerful tools, you’ll get the most out of your Apple devices. By incorporating Apple native tools and third-party solutions, we strive to enhance technology, not hinder it. And because we grew up at the intersection of Apple and the Enterprise, we believe this is where we can make our greatest contributions.


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