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What we do

Exterity is a market-leading provider of IP video and digital signage technology that helps organizations to harness the power of video to communicate, educate and entertain. Our end-to-end solutions enable you to capture TV/video content directly from any source and manage its delivery, as channels or within digital signage screens, to any connected device via your existing network. From education, corporate and finance, to hospitality, remote facilities, stadia and healthcare, Exterity has over a decade of global expertise in delivering complex, proAV solutions.

About us

Exterity IP video solutions are deployed in leading higher education establishments around the world. From live streaming of lectures and foreign language channels, to campus-wide digital signage and student accommodation entertainment, Exterity’s end-to-end IP-based solutions help you to provide a first class educational experience.

Our systems deliver TV and video channels to every PC, display or mobile device wherever there is a network connection, and can support large volumes of content and receiving devices without compromising system performance. Flexible and easy to use, administrators can centrally manage and control the system from one location.

Lecturers can seamlessly integrate video into their study material both during and after class. Lectures and demonstrations can be streamed live to overspill rooms and libraries, and also recorded for distribution as digital libraries for students to access in their own time, on the device of their choice. Modern language students are able to watch foreign language live TV and video content streamed from around the world on-campus and in language labs, as well as have access to a global archive of recorded material. Faculties can also easily customise the TV and video interface, creating a unique and tailored look and feel for each department.

ArtioSign, Exterity’s digital signage and IP video solution in one, makes it easy for universities to create and deliver impactful digital signage screens that provide instant, broad-reaching informative or entertaining communications. Integration with IP video means live TV and video can be incorporated into digital signage screens to strengthen your overall communications strategy as well as create revenue generation opportunities with sponsored content and approved on-campus advertising.

An Exterity IP video system can also ensure your student accommodation meets the highest standards and expectations, with an unlimited number of high-definition channels and entertainment options to attract students and help ease them into their home-away-from-home on campus.

The benefits of IP video extend to the celebration of the end of a student’s time at university: graduation. Universities can stream graduation ceremonies, live or recorded, around campus as well as across the internet to relatives and friends, regardless of their location. This functionality opens up a whole host of opportunities for establishments looking to expand their reach and global collaborations.

Exterity IP video and digital signage solutions enable higher education establishments to offer an enhanced learning experience by enabling students to access the content they want, when they want it, on the device of their choice. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


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