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What we do

We’re the UK’s leading provider of business process outsourcing and integrated professional support service solutions. We create unique, cost effective services that meet the individual needs of our clients. And we don’t just design these services, we also deliver them. However complex the challenge, we bring together the right people with the right skills to streamline our clients services and improve customer experiences across hundreds of public and commercial organisations.

About us

We’ve been a trusted partner for thousands of education institutions across the UK since the 1980s.
As the leading provider of support services in education, we’re in prime position to help you react speedily and securely to changes in the sector in schools, and in FE and HE establishments.
Focus on teaching children
We can help you through the organisational and structural changes that schools are dealing with. We’ll make sure you’re responding smoothly to new schools programmes and initiatives while squeezing more from reduced budgets and boosting your efficiency.
Competition in further and higher education
We can help you face the rigours of the rapidly tightening environment you’re operating in dominated by shrewd students demanding value for money and squaring up to the problem of finding jobs. With our support, you can more easily meet growing student expectations, increase recruitment and deliver better educational outcomes for your students. We’ll also help you improve efficiency and reduce costs.
Supporting education core to our business
We provide services to more than 21,000 schools and 220 higher and further education institutions it’s more than 15% of our entire business. We have in-depth experience of the problems you’re facing in education. Use us to take the strain with all the peripheral activity you have to undertake and you’ll be able to devote far more of your energies and money to teaching.

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