Cutting COVID-19, not corners

Why long lasting total surface protection is necessary to prevent a second wave and save lives

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As schools and universities prepare to re-open, we take a look at the best technology based long lasting surface protection solutions proven to be effective against COVID-19. We look at how these have already been effectively deployed in NHS Hospitals, find out what lessons have been learned from the Health sector and ask if the Education sector now needs to go beyond the current Government mandated guidelines to save lives.

Institutions need thorough, certified protection against COVID-19 and reputation damage that could occur in the event of an outbreak. Teachers need to feel safe and confident to return to the classroom, existing students to remain in courses and for attracting and recruiting new students, especially those from overseas . Could this solution be the key to lifting restricted numbers on campus. Should the government now mandate this for the sector and what will Teachers and Student Unions do in response.  

Our experts explored why the education sector needs to go further to ensure safe environments: 

  • Long lasting total surface protection – why enhanced cleaning must go beyond ‘High Traffic' key touch points
  • Advanced solutions – what is the science behind the technology?
  • What are the benefits and is it cost effective - learn how a smart technology based solution approach can save time, money and lives.


Wahid Ali Ahmed, Founder and CEO at Corona Busters Ltd

Wahid has over 19 years experience across a variety of sectors. He excels at finding innovative and cost-effective long term solutions for businesses and has a passion for customer service. He set up Corona Busters to help businesses and institutions keep their people safe through the pandemic. "I am proud to be leading a team that is at the forefront of tackling the COVID-19 pandemic. Each day I learn something new, having to constantly adapt is a challenge but knowing that the work we are doing is helping key facilities including NHS Hospitals continue to operate makes it incredibly rewarding."

Adrian Wilkinson, Business Development Director at Corona Busters Ltd

With 20 years experience in Business Development Adrian understands the challenges companies face when bring new and innovative products to market. Having lived in Australia, South Africa and the Middle East, he has worked on projects in many sectors including: Tourism, Hospitality and Catering, Hair and Beauty, Sports and Leisure, Entertainment, Fashion, TV and the Music industry. "Like so many other people my plans for this year were thrown into chaos as the lock down started. Working for a company at the cutting edge of providing a solution to this pandemic has been the most challenging project I have worked on to date but also the most rewarding. I look forward to sharing in this discussion what we have learnt so far and hope that others can benefit from our experience".

Adam Bourgeois, Technical Director at IRG Ltd (Ideal Response)

Adam has over 15 years experience in disaster recovery, management and is a hygiene specialist. He has a wealth of expertise in advanced technologies for air and surface decontamination and is responsible for managing and vetting the dispatchment of decontamination technicians thoughout the U.K.


Corona Busters Ltd (Part of the Ideal Response Group) are one of only a few contractors vetted and approved to provide COVID-19 decontamination services  and long lasting total surface protection solutions for the NHS.  Since the outbreak began they have been at the forefront of protecting NHS Hospitals, Private Medical Health Care Facilities and Nursing Homes. They have just completed treating and protecting the Queen Elizabeth NHS Hospital in Margate and the Ashford and St Peter’s NHS Hospital in Kent and they have recently began offering this solution  to the education sector and have already treated and protected a number of schools. To view the latest lab test reports, case studies and testimonials click here:


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