What are the benefits of system integrations?

By Martin Coles, Head of Marketing at Kinetic Solutions

Universities are constantly facing decisions over whether or not to invest into new technologies. On average, they use 7 to 10 applications for various business purposes and commonly buy several cheaper licences from various software companies as it feels like they are spending less of that precious budget. And there is nothing wrong with this strategy in the short term. However, long-term, the university will get to the point where they have numerous pieces of software that are not talking to each other.

The ideal situation would be having just one system that could do it all. In reality, this probably doesn’t exist. Every university is different, with a list of specific requirements and needs. One platform simply can’t cover it all. This is why integration is key.

So, what are the benefits of system integrations?

Improved company processes

First, you will reduce the amount of manual work, which will then lead to increased productivity and employee satisfaction. Your teams will be able to focus on exploring new business opportunities rather than trying to catch up on administrative tasks. By improving the automation processes you would need fewer people to complete certain tasks which will allow you to focus on the quality of your team rather than its size.

Increased data visibility and insight

When all your systems are integrated, it means they have the same information flow. You don’t have various versions of databases anymore, you can get one overall view of all the details. Your analysis and reporting will be made easier and more efficient as well. Why is this important? Because you would be able to make decisions based on accurate numbers and insights.

Increased profits

Every commercial department operates on the basis of creating profits. Once your teams have access to the same information, they start to speak the same language. Increased efficiency will result in higher sales and decreased costs based on improved decision-making and operational processes.

Who could you integrate with?

Kinetic integrates with a variety of financial, EPOS, facilities, room booking and other systems. This will increase your productivity and reduce costs, it also will make all of your processes, from enquiry to invoicing more efficient.


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