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One of the first entrants into the PBSA market continues to provide the highest level of student accommodation in the UK with an unparalleled commitm

There are many concerns for students looking to select which subject to study and which university to attend, including admission requirements, tuition fees, facilities, graduate satisfaction, teaching quality, and much more. But some concerns only appear after being accepted to their dream education. Finding good accommodation, in close proximity to the university, and at a price point that suits a student budget, can be a real challenge around the start of the academic year.

For many students this is the first time they have to rent accommodation on their own, and utility bills often come as a surprise on top of tuition fees, study books and other expenses related to student life.

For that reason has StudentFM since 2004 dedicated their efforts to providing high quality student accommodation at terms that are transparent and simple to budget for new students.


One bill and no hidden surprises

Students have more than enough to think about keeping up with their studies and performing well on their exams, the last thing they should worry about is the gas, electricity, WiFi or water bill. When renting a room or studio apartment through StudentFM all of these bills are included in the rent, so the price stated on the contract is the price they actually pay! No hidden extras!  Even basic content insurance is included in the rent.

This allows students to focus on their studies instead of worrying about the bills or spending time signing up for WiFi providers and insurances.

StudentFM offer accommodation in key UK university locations, including Chester, Leicester, Manchester, Preston, and Sheffield. And all their properties are designed specifically with students in mind. Rooms come fully furnished with everything students need during their studies, such as a work desk, wardrobe, lots of storage space, a comfortable bed, and all rooms offer en-suite bathrooms to eliminate getting stuck in a queue before an early class. Our properties also offer secure bicycle storage, parking and laundry facilities, fully equipped kitchen with some having cinema facilities or even a fully fitted gym. 

All-in-all StudentFM stands for modern and high-spec student properties for the 21st century — no more cheap and outdated dormitories from last century.


The History of Student Facility Management

Founded in 2004, StudentFM was among the first on the market for high quality student accommodation in the UK. The founders, Stephen Murphy and Martin Joyce, both have a wealth of construction and development experience spanning over more than 25 years. In 1999 they were among the founding fathers of the PBSA industry in Liverpool, and it was this work that laid the foundation for the start-up of StudentFM five years later.

Today StudentFM is headed by directors, Rachel Withers, who is responsible for all commercial aspects, including site acquisition and mobilisation and Helena Burns, responsible for finance and in-house operations. Over the years since its foundation, StudentFM has developed and evolved its operation to include several university cities across the UK and Scotland, but the commitment to quality has remained as central to the business ethos as it’s always been.

For more than a decade students have been at the heart of everything the company does. Their extensive experience as landlords and managing agents have given them valuable understanding of what students need, want and expect from their first home away from home. This experience benefits the students through StudentFM’s dedication to make their university years some of the best of their lives. 

The stability and reliability of having one home and predictable monthly expenses while studying, significantly eases the stress on students and lets them concentrate on what they are actually attending university to do — study.

With more than 6000 beds built to date, and having built on behalf of some of the, by now, larger players in the market, e.g. Unite, Empiric and Hello Student, StudentFM have helped secure high quality living conditions for students during their studies.


Where is StudentFM today?

Fourteen years after the company was founded, it remains true to its original goal; to make student life as easy as possible for its tenants. The company currently has 1500 beds under management as part of this vision, and is expected to double in size within the next 3 years.

Their key strength lies in their ability to always remain proactive, forward looking and keep introducing technological advances to ease and optimise the booking and management processes. This forward-looking approach benefits both their tenants and their clients — the owners of the properties they manage. Their customer service is second to none, helping students through the entire booking process to ensure every tenant has the room that best suits their needs.

To make the transition to university life as easy and pleasant as possible, they offer a broad range of services from start to finish. Students will be met by a community and student ambassadors committed to integrating them into the vibrant social life surrounding all the properties. And their safety is assured with 24/7 security and access via personal entry card or fob.

Only the best is good enough for the students that will be our future. StudentFM’s properties offer the highest standards for any student residence in UK. Fully furnished and all-inclusive accommodation, exceptional maintenance standards and numerous fully equipped facilities secure a fantastic standard of living.

Every member of StudentFM’s team prides themselves on high levels of professionalism. From the Head Office staff, to the on-site management and student ambassadors, all work closely with residing students and investors to ensure complete service satisfaction for the duration of their relationship.

The future of student accommodation is changing and StudentFM is representing the student accommodation of the 21st century. It will be interesting to follow how these trailblazers will continue to change and develop the PBSA market and transform student life for the years to come.


StudentFM can be contacted via or on 01422 825 026

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