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Sponsored: Marc Habbema, CEO of SOWISO, explains 6 ways digital maths teaching and learning tools improve maths education and softens teacher workload

Mathematics education is a staple for every higher education institution. SOWISO offers universities a practice and learning platform. We are already helping tens of thousands of students within Europe and growing across the world, where we’re active from Pretoria to Perth.

1. Save time
Everyone in education knows that time is always a challenge. In fact, 73% of teachers say their workload is having an impact on their health. Our practice and learning platform automatically checks and grades homework, allowing teachers to spend their time not on repetitive tasks, but instead focus more on the creative side of teaching.

2. Provide personalised learning
For students, not knowing why an answer is wrong and what they can do to improve is a huge roadblock in the learning process. That is why SOWISO students get detailed feedback on all attempts and answers as they solve problems. The platform not only knows that a mistake is made, but also what that mistake is. Moreover, it can identify the sub-step of the solution, and recognise mathematical equivalency. This makes it possible to give hints specific to the individual student’s learning path.

In fact, this is another way in which universities can save time and money. We have experienced that most students tend to ask similar questions. Having students receive guided feedback while they’re practising – which isn’t unlike having a teacher giving constant personal attention – has allowed the University of Amsterdam to decrease the amount of student assistants for one module from 10 to four.

3. Let students practise at their own pace
Students get better results when they can practice at their own speed. SOWISO tries to tackle this in two ways. First of all, we randomise every variable in every exercise, so those who need to study or practice more, always have the opportunity to do so with new exercises. Secondly, we support adaptive learning, which analyses if and how individual students understand the subject they are working on. Based on that analysis, we can provide them with an easier or harder exercise. Adaptive learning can be turned on or off by the teacher.

4. Receive insights in the learning process
Our learning analytics give teachers insights into the class performance as a whole, but they can also zoom in all the way down to individual attempts from individual students. This helps teachers drill down into student performances, allowing them to provide additional support immediately. Furthermore, students can see exactly how they are doing using many gamification elements. We have seen that this keeps students engaged, which motivates them to work harder.

5. Be in charge of the material
SOWISO offers ready-made learning material, eg Basic Mathematics, Calculus, Calculus for Economics, and Linear Algebra. But teachers always retain the option to write original learning material or reorganise/edit ours. This way, they can easily create something that fits their module perfectly.

6. Efficient digital assessment – even for admission test
SOWISO offers universities an online mathematics testing tool for diagnostic, formative or summative tests. We have recently been doing more projects with universities who organise large-scale admission tests for incoming (international) students. Using our software, students can take their exam from their own homes, whenever it suits them. And they get access to practise material to boot. This saves time, money, resources and headaches!

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