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Run great student advertising campaigns: simpler, faster and with more predictability for outcomes

For most university marketing departments, there is simply no such thing as a ‘guaranteed outcome’. Estimates, forecasts and outright guesses rule supreme in our world of uncertainty, where there are few absolutes. This is particularly true in the world of student marketing, where the advertising ecosystem is complicated, and the student journey and mindset non-linear. A myriad of factors can drastically impact the outcome of a campaign before it’s even left the planning stage.

But what if things could be different? What if you could devise a campaign, with 100% confidence that it would generate your desired outcome at a predetermined price?

It’s a student specialist platform

Akero Advertising is a specialist platform designed to streamline and simplify marketing for higher education institutions and give them everything they need to reach, attract, engage and convert prospective students via a self-service platform.

Akero uses AI and Automation to improve student advertising performance by 105% (based on sector average KPIs), so that institutions are spending less, but enrolling more students, while tracking and understanding everything about their campaigns. As an education specialist platform, it also integrates seamlessly with existing systems used by colleges and universities.

Artificial intelligence meets human expertise

Combining cutting-edge technology with human expertise, Akero AI scans billions of data points across Google, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Bing and more than two million websites, before generating bespoke media plans that offer predictive performance outcomes.

Transparent and trustworthy, Akero sets guaranteed performance metrics and cost for each response or brand view across the media platforms selected so that you only pay what has been pre-agreed in the plan. ​And thanks to Akero’s integrated dashboards, you can check in at any time for a live performance update on any activity you are running.

By combining Akero’s ability to turn complex data pools into simplified plans with the input from the human expertise of a paid media specialist, Akero enables a small team to provide a bespoke marketing service. You can produce your assets and copy in-house or outsource these jobs to Akero’s very own creative team.

Make it bespoke, make it yours

The education sector isn’t always compatible with the world of digital marketing and having enough resources to get cut-through. Many marketing departments operate on limited budgets and do not have the time or budget to engage and manage a marketing agency.

However, by using Akero Advertising, teams can create their own highly-specialised media plan online. By simply inputting details about your campaign objectives and target market, as well as the audience location and budget, you will be presented with a plan worthy of any established agency. And, unlike most agencies, these plans come with a performance guarantee.

“We were delighted with how effective our Open Day campaign was, as it gave us our highest number of pre-registrations ever. It has been good to lead the way as one of the early adopters of the innovative Akero AI platform. We look forward to more successful campaigns with Akero in the future, as we look to maximise our reach in a very competitive market,” Solihull Sixth Form College


Akero helps you improve marketing performance and increase student enrolments. It is cost-effective, innovative, accessible and is proving to be an essential extension to higher education marketing departments.

Ready to supercharge your student recruitment? Get in touch with our Akero experts today and quote ​the promo code: UBM for £100 credit.  Visit
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