Luxury student bedrooms, is this a thing?

SPONSORED: Student accommodation is entering a new era, says Anna Hampshire, JT Ellis

Gone are the days of grotty student digs, as student fees have increased, and the international student market takes the UK by hold, student accommodation is entering a new era.

Along with high expectations of quality, accommodation prices have increased to cover the much-needed influx of refurbishment work and luxury new builds.

The budgets attached to creating student accommodation have increased dramatically and as many high-end private providers are showing students what modern student accommodation can offer for a little more on their weekly rent, accommodation suppliers are now scrambling to compete with each other.

The market is seeing a rise in competition, with the weak being left behind. Accommodation providers have become embroiled in a battle for the best look at the cheapest price. Providers are fighting to keep up with technology, design, trends, lifestyle and quality to entice the students into their accommodation and to pay that little bit extra – just to say they live in the most amazing digs!

Whilst the look is key, quality is a message that never dies. Accommodation providers need quality from suppliers to ensure those high initial budgets can withstand years of use, without constant pressure on the financials, which is what happens when cheap furniture fails.

If a typical bedroom filled with quality furniture costs £1500 and one with cheap furniture costs £700, the consideration of how long the furniture needs to last is a key one.

Looking at recent case studies of JT Ellis bedrooms vs main competitors, a £1500 room lasting 20 years costs £1.56 per week whist a £700 lasting 5 years costs £2.91 per week! More than double for products that won’t last half the time.

And those numbers don’t include the hassle factor of replacing furniture. Providers are sometimes lured by a cheap quick fix, with a view of modernisation requirements every 5-7 years. So why spend a little more for something that will last longer?

It’s simple…Because the furniture will be in pristine condition, so a full refurbishment wouldn’t be required for the duration of its 20-year guarantee.  Worktops, doors, and drawer fronts can be changed to new colours/designs in a flash of the time and cost it takes to undergo a full refurbishment. Seems like a no brainer!

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