Campus Living Villages launches #YouGotThis campaign

From boiling an egg to finding a cheap first date venue, CLV’s new handholding campaign is perfect for students away from home for the first tim

By James McCracken, Marketing and Communications Director, Campus Living Villages

University can be a daunting time. For many young people, it’s the first time they have lived away from home and had to fend for themselves. This can involve taking responsibility for a lot of tasks which may have previously fallen to their parents or guardians. This can be a real struggle.

At Campus Living Villages, we see students facing difficulties every day.

But, to find out just how widespread these challenges are, we conducted an analysis of Google search results. This showed that the phrase ‘how to boil an egg’ is Googled more than 27,000 times a month. The term ‘how to wash clothes’ is searched for 1,000 times a month. And, when we looked at more student-specific search terms, our analysis showed that students often need help with adequately preparing for leaving home; the term ‘what to take to uni’ is entered into Google 1,600 times a month.

To address some of these issues and help our student residents with common problems they might face when starting university, we have launched a campaign called #YouGotThis. It’s designed to help students with everything from doing housework to getting a part-time job and finding a cheap date venue. To make sure we engage with as many students as possible, we are working with specialist partner organisations and influential bloggers to create a variety of multimedia content on our new website.

University should be a positive experience and we hope that #YouGotThis will give students the helping hand they need to thrive

So far, this has included cheap and easy recipes with step-by-step instructions from internet stars Mrs Rachel Brady, Reduced Grub, Nine Grand Student and June Konrad, as well as advice on jobs and other ways to earn money while studying from Inspiring Interns and Student Job. Our upcoming content will cover a whole range of topics from how to manage your money better to relationships and mental health.

We already provide support to our student residents on these issues, producing leaflets, running workshops and hosting social events. But we want to ensure that this guidance is available to all students, whether they live in our accommodation or not. We hope that the #YouGotThis content will help students across the UK and perhaps even further afield.

While it may seem simple to us older folk, it’s crucial that students get the support they need, as struggling with everyday tasks can make university feel like an overwhelming experience.

Not being able to cook for yourself or do laundry, or being unable to afford books or social activities, can all contribute to poor mental health and be detrimental to wellbeing. So, it’s essential that we provide students with the right advice to make these things as easy as possible.

University should be a positive experience and we hope that #YouGotThis will give students the helping hand they need to thrive.

To view the #YouGotThis content, head over to:

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