Being fighting fit helps students make the most of uni

Universities can help improve student well being, and results, through the provision of accessible gyms

University can be a tricky time when it comes to balancing healthy living and having fun. Students often fall into the typical stereotype of being broke and living off takeaways and alcohol. However, it is becoming more and more acceptable to embrace a healthy lifestyle and the price of making this choice is thankfully coming down with more advice out there to help students maximise their time and money.

Fuelling properly, sleeping well and getting enough exercise will no doubt lead to a more balanced experience at university as well as a good reflection on their grades. Students can help themselves with the first two, but universities can offer a helping hand in boosting their access to the latter.

When fuelling themselves on tight student budgets the cheapest items on the shelf may be attractive to students but they may also be the unhealthiest – deals on crisps, fizzy drinks and microwavable meals are frequently seen as you walk in the door. Opting for these means students don’t get the best nutrition and actually end up spending more as they are left hungry and lacking in the best kinds of energy. Bulk buying fresh items, as well as key cupboard and freezer staples, to cook up delicious and nutritious meals for the week is always the best way to go.

Fuelling properly, sleeping well and getting enough exercise will no doubt lead to a more balanced experience at university as well as a good reflection on their grades

Of course, the temptation at Uni is to go a little wild with the freedom from being away from home and embrace all the student nights put on around town, but, subsequently, this can lead to  a lack of sleep and reduced concentration levels for when it really matters. Sleep is when our bodies recover and set us up for the next day so getting the right number of hours is incredibly important. One way to encourage the body to fall off to sleep easily is to have a good exercise regime. Exercising during the day allows the body to fall asleep quicker by using up excess energy, warming the body temperature up and releasing feel good endorphins so you don’t go to bed stressed.

The benefits of exercise are easy to see when linked with students – increased socialising, mood improvements, increased overall energy, improvement in cognitive skills and time management skills as well as a perfect place to tackle stress- hitting a punching bag is definitely better than hitting the town.

Getting the balance between work and play can be a hard one and sometimes looking after number one and well-being can drop down the list of priorities too quickly. Having student gyms readily available and affordable is a major step in bringing down perceived barriers to exercise. As more and more new student accommodation gets built, the opportunity to make university the best possible experience for students is opening up and including extra facilities in these state of the art halls is becoming more of a reality. Student welfare is becoming apparent as a key area to address so encouraging students to partake in exercise in any way possible can only be beneficial to all involved. Happier and healthier students equals better results for universities.

Time to take to the gym as well as tackling a thesis or two!

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