Vegan and vegetarian masterclass from TUCO

TUCO partnered with UCB for creative cuisine masterclass

The University Caterers Organisation (TUCO), partnered with University College Birmingham (UCB) to create a tailored day course in creative vegan and vegetarian cuisine.

The culinary workshop is designed to provide practical inspiration to create vegetarian and vegan menu items and is aimed at chefs of all levels.

Sarah McLoughlin, TUCO Head of Academy commented: “As the number of people adopting vegan and vegetarian diets increases, this course is an excellent opportunity for participants to learn and develop diverse ways to create new and exciting dishes for their establishments.”

“Participants who are taking part in the Salon Culinaire classes at our TUCO Competitions this year, can use this as good practise and additional training for the event, as vegan themes will be explored,” McLoughlin continued.

Catering for vegans and vegetarians can be challenging because they differ in various ways. Vegans endeavour not to use or consume animal products of any kind, whilst vegetarians do not eat meat or fish.

During the course, participants will learn to produce contemporary and innovative dishes that meet the growing food trend in vegetarianism and veganism.

UCB has an established reputation in educating and training hospitality staff, while TUCO Academy offers a range of quality training courses aligned to business and personal development needs.

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