TUCO launches greenhouse gas footprint calculator

The app enables caterers to easily work out the environmental impact of their menus

The University Caterers Organisation (TUCO), has launched a ground-breaking greenhouse gas footprint calculator. The application is a new tool which enables caterers to easily calculate the greenhouse gas footprint of their menus. 

The calculator is simple to use, with only a few drop-down steps to follow. By selecting ingredients and inserting quantities, the total greenhouse gases will be displayed, along with the emissions per serving in grams.

Currently the calculator contains 207 ingredients, with more expected to be added later in the year. To measure appropriate emissions for transport, a total of 14 regions of origin are available.

The project was initiated in early 2017 by Mike Haslin, CEO of TUCO, and Elizabeth Crawford, TUCO consultant. They met with Helen Harwatt, lead consultant at Planet Friendly Food, after being introduced through a project Harwatt consults on with the Humane Society International UK.

Mike Haslin, CEO of TUCO, said: “We are extremely excited to launch the new Greenhouse Gas Footprint calculator on our website. The application is a stimulating and valuable tool for our members, allowing them to share important information with their diners in higher and further education.”

Helen Harwatt, Planet Friendly Food lead consultant, said: “I thought this was a great idea and fitted well within my area of expertise, as I’ve worked on food greenhouse gas footprinting. I’m keen to contribute to projects that provide tools for institutes to move forward with sustainable food.”

The Greenhouse Gas Footprint calculator is available now at www.tuco.ac.uk/ghgcalculator

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