Top dog on campus

With consumers experiencing increasingly hectic lifestyles, take away menu options are a growing trend

By Mark Yates, founding director of Empire Dogs

There has been significant growth of American-style foods like burgers and hot dogs in the UK, as many operators consider the increasing demand for gourmet versions of these traditional American favourites. In fact, gourmet hot dogs are one of the fastest growing menu items and are now listed on 85% more than last year. Therefore this type of dish is a simple way to drive sales and profits for university caterers.

Regardless of where or how gourmet hot dogs are served, the emphasis is on freshness and quality. Our aim is to conquer the nation’s increasingly insatiable appetite for a guilt-free and wholesome snack. 

We offer an extended range of interesting flavours and varieties including Bratwurst, Frankfurter, Cajun Chicken, Chicago Beef, Cumberland and Chorizo.

The foodservice packs available to university caterers include hot dogs served in an artisan brioche roll, that has been double-egg glazed for visual appeal and are pre-packed into their hygienic cartons. These are easy to warm and serve, while also reducing the need of staff handling of the product.

With the proliferation of American-style cuisine in the UK, university caterers will be increasingly challenged to serve gourmet hot dogs that stand out from the crowd and meet students’ rising expectations. Creative offerings such as festive hot dogs, global flavours and seasonal offerings that incorporate different toppings such as salsa, jalapenos, bacon or beef chilli on top will ensure universities satisfy the students’ need.

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