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Limited edition honey, produced by Aramark-sponsored bees, has gone on sale at the University of London

It’s all part of a project to preserve the honey bee.

Aramark, a global provider of food, facilities management and uniform services, has worked with its clients at the university since last year on the initiative and funded the project, which now sees 150 jars of honey on sale in the university’s Aramark-run Senate House café.  As well as honey, a small amount of furniture beeswax has also been produced.

Two beehives were installed on the roof of the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, which is part of the university, in summer last year.  Located in the heart of London’s Bloomsbury, the rooftop location is ideal for encouraging urban biodiversity as it is surrounded by green spaces.

Money raised from the sale of the honey will go towards the upkeep of the beehives.

Aramark Account Director for the University of London, Viv Shinner, said: “Bees are vital to our local and global ecology as they pollinate plants and crops. We need to protect and boost their numbers, so this project is creating a buzz around the university in more ways than one.” 


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