Proper Cornish launches 2015 student campaign

Proper Cornish launches education sector-focused campaign working with catering managers at universities across the country

Cornish pasty manufacturer, Proper Cornish, has launched this year’s Pasty Society – an education sector focused campaign which involves working with catering managers at universities across the country to ensure HE is capitalising on the ever-growing convenience trend. 

The 2015 campaign follows the success of the last year’s Pasty Society launch – a concept designed to tap into the student demographic. In 2014, the activity saw a direct impact on sales, resulting in Proper Cornish doubling the number of universities stocking the product range. 

This year’s project sees the Proper Cornish team once again working with one of the world’s largest foodservice providers, embarking on a nationwide tour of universities including Goldsmiths University, Salford University and University of Derby, to showcase the brand’s range of handmade Cornish pasties, sausage rolls, savoury slices and brand new hand-held pies. 

The activity will kick off in Fresher’s Week and run throughout the whole first term across the UK. Hundreds of samples from the pastry range will be on offer throughout the campuses.

College and university students sitting within the tough-to-reach millennial group, will make up 75% of the workforce by 2020 – becoming the most economically important demographic group, therefore capturing their loyalty is essential. For around 40% of them, speed of service is the salient factor when purchasing breakfast or lunch and convenience is king as on-the-go snacking often replaces sit down meal times.



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