JUMP to help save the planet

JUMP, a new programme that raises awareness around environmental challenges, has been launched at the University of Reading’s Green Festival.

Piloted in 2018, JUMP encourages employees to take part in sustainability activities such as reducing energy and water use, travelling sustainably, minimising waste and responsible purchasing. 

JUMP complements the university’s environmental policy, focusing on the collective impact of individual action and embedding a culture of sustainability across campus.

When employees sign up to JUMP, they select a department team and compete to earn green points and win individual and team prizes. They can take part in a range of activities under the themes of Engagement and New Ideas, Energy and Water Reduction, Sustainable Travel, Reduce Reuse Recycle and Food and Drink. The use of gamification and incentives are key to JUMP’s success, helping the programme to achieve mass engagement and drive long-term behaviour change.  

Luke Cantellow, energy officer at the University of Reading, said: “We find targeting the behaviour of our employees an effective way to reduce the university’s environmental impact. The focus on positive action and teamwork makes JUMP a fun and encouraging programme to be part of. The pilot was successful in getting our staff on board with sustainability, and we are expecting a much greater impact with it opening to all staff.” 

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