Healthy eating on the go

Campus Living Villages teams up with the University of Salford to promote Healthy Eating On The Go

Residents from the Campus Living Villages’ (CLV) Salford Student Village were treated to professional advice from Registered Nutritionist, Aliya Porter in a bespoke Eating On The Go seminar held in partnership with the University of Salford.

The new initiative was introduced to offer student residents the necessary support during exam times, when healthcare and nutrition typically get neglected, despite this being the most crucial time to prioritise wellbeing. Aliya emphasised the difficulties faced by students where nutrition on a tight budget is concerned. The seminar was a timely welcome following recent research from Upbeat* which revealed that eight out of ten students find it difficult to concentrate because of their poor diet.

The Eating On The Go seminar is a fantastic example of the various ways in which Salford Student Village aims to create an enriching, well-rounded experience for its residents. Student life has evolved significantly, and undergraduates, just like your everyday consumer, demand the best service for their money. CLV predicts that developing a product and service, which delivers on these expectations will become a vital component of delivering the best student experience now and in the future.

Held in Eddie Colman Court at University of Salford Student Village, Aliya’s seminar was attended by 16 students. The event focused on the eatwell plate, a model endorsed by the NHS to promote a balanced diet, advising students on simple ways to prepare balanced meals on a budget.

The session involved interactive tasks where students were required to classify ingredients and products in to correct food groups. They were also given recipes to try as well as samples to taste, using cheap, healthy ingredients that don’t take long to prepare, enabling students to maximise all important revision time during the exam period.

Aliya highlighted some common mistakes to avoid when doing the weekly shop. To prevent impulse buys that drain the budget, she recommended writing a shopping list before every visit and planning meals in advance each week. Communal kitchens in the Salford Student Village are ideal for shared cooking with flat-mates, and this is an effective way of saving money as well as limiting food waste.

Amanda Rigbye, Student Engagement Manager at The University of Salford, said: “These seminars are usually run as part of the University’s Healthy Lifestyles programme, but this is the first time we have run one within the student accommodation, and we were really keen to partner with Campus Living Villages to launch the initiative to residents.

“We are delighted with the turnout and the students have been really engaged and enthusiastic. We’d like to thank Aliya Porter for leading the seminar and we hope to continue the success of the event in more residences across campus.”


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