Drinking water: improving environmental credentials

ACS teamed up with BRITA Vivreau having discovered the sustainable benefits of the Table Water Bottling System

Most, if not all, educational institutions in the UK now claim to have a strong commitment to sustainability and many have created carbon management plans and environmental policies to demonstrate these claims.

A recent white paper commissioned by the Carbon Trust states that achieving zero waste to landfill makes good business sense for those organisations considering a sustainable future for their business. According to the report, the UK alone generates over 30m tonnes of waste annually and over a quarter of it is still being sent to landfill. 

With clear objectives in place to reduce waste and carbon footprint, many institutions are seeking ways to reduce the amount of plastic on campus. In order to achieve this, BRITA Vivreau recommends investment in a sustainable drinking water system to promote the use of reusable, as opposed to disposable, water bottles.

The Department of Accommodation and Commercial Services (ACS) at the University of Sheffield had been providing bottled water for its guests attending conferences, meetings and events in their customised meeting, conferencing and events venues, but was seeking a green alternative to help minimise its impact on the environment and reduce waste.

ACS teamed up with BRITA Vivreau having discovered the sustainable benefits of the Table Water Bottling System. A mains-fed drinking water system dispensing unlimited quantities of filtered chilled still and sparkling water at the point of source and can be served in reusable designer glass bottles.

Katie Butler, Brand Manager for Commercial Services at ACS explains: 

“As part of our brand values, we’re committed to using local, ethically sourced and environmentally friendly products wherever possible. Using the BRITA Vivreau system meant that we didn’t have to transport pre-bottled mineral water which has helped us reduce our carbon footprint.

“The water is purified on site, so we’ve not compromised on quality and, because the bottles are reusable, there’s no waste and no need to recycle.”

Taste Manchester is The University of Manchester’s delivered hospitality service, offering refreshments, snacks, lunches, buffets, dinners and much more to any location around campus and City Centre Manchester. Jonathan Minshull, Head of Catering Operations for Taste Manchester decided to invest in a BRITA Vivreau Table Water Bottling System for its conference facilities and a ViTap in its new café area, Vasaio. Jonathan explains: “We were impressed with the look of the Table Water Bottling System and the ViTap. We initially conducted a site visit with BRITA Vivreau at the BBC and I was impressed with how it looked. Initially we ordered one bottling system in University Place which is our main conference venue. We then decided to put the ViTap in a new dedicated café area, Vasaio, for students and staff to have the benefit of a fresh-filtered water system on tap.”

The University of Manchester has a very strong environmental policy, with an aim to reduce the amount of plastic on site. Installing BRITA Vivreau products has helped the University achieve this aim. Jonathan continues: “From a sustainability point of view, we’ve reduced the amount of plastic bottles that we have delivered on campus. Our deliveries, storage and recycling have all improved as a result of installing the BRITA Vivreau systems.”

Educational institutions up and down the country are choosing to invest in sustainable drinking water systems which eliminate the need to order, purchase, deliver and recycle pre-bottled water. BRITA Vivreau Managing Director Stephen Charles commented: “Many places are following California’s lead in banning single-use plastic bottles – there has therefore never been a better time to go green!”

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