Delivering big and acting small

Companies that start small with tailored unique products now have the ability to enter the mass market, explains David Russell

Companies’ commitment to personalising the customer experience can be seen all around us. Go to Starbucks now and order a skinny flat white with an extra shot with hazelnut syrup, and no one will blink an eyelid. To enhance the process further under the roof of this multinational, your name is now requested at point of purchase and called once your perfect coffee has been produced.

At London 2012 both large and small suppliers complemented each other in delivering the most delicious games the world had experienced. The key was having a single vision that encompassed the skills and knowledge of large-scale caterers with the commitment to leverage small local producers and supply chain.

Reaching globally yet acting locally (glocalisation) has been a key strategy over the last 20 years to the success of multinational organisations sprawling the world with the appreciation that what is right in one country may not fit the needs of another. Now for certain products and services like food, delivering to each local market can be enhanced by acting even smaller and personalising each individual’s experience.

On the flip side, small companies that start small with tailored unique products now have the ability to enter the mass market through investment vehicles, the internet and accessing large-scale events through partnerships. The world is becoming a smaller place and because of that we want everything our way.


David Russell is founder and chairman of the Russell Partnership



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