Why learning a language is crucial to your future

Proficiency in a language can give graduates the edge in a globalised job market

If I had to pick the most interesting and beautiful experiences in my life, it would be my time at university. Learning new things and experiencing new environments, opportunities and things have a special impact on your life and future. Lately, the world has become more globalised, and employees are developing more respect and value for learning a second or more language. There isn’t a better time to start learning a new language than when you are in university. Below are some benefits of learning a language:

It is relatively easy to start and maintain

Lately, it has become relatively easy to learn a new language because the internet is packed with a wide range of tools to assist you. With modern technology, you don’t need to sit through boring, long lectures anymore and language learning is even seen as a leisure activity. For instance, you can learn languages with apps like Babbel, also available on iOS devices so you can learn anywhere! With more than 60,000 language lessons, Babbel is an excellent tool for learning, sharpening your skills and keeping up with any of their 14 languages.

You are more likely to get interviews and then hired

Being fluent in more than one language is always beneficial when it comes to job interviews and opportunities! It gives you an edge over other candidates, especially if you are looking to work in industries like marketing, fashion and tourism. As the world is becoming global, more corporations are looking to employ bilingual and multilingual professionals. Therefore, learning a new language will help you get hired faster.

You will earn on average £10,000 or more per year

Professionals who are fluent in more than one language command a higher salary than their counterparts. For instance, employees of the foreign or defence services receive higher wages for being bilingual or multilingual. According to recruitment agencies, knowing two or more languages increases your earnings by at least 10%. On average, a bilingual professional earns £10,000 or more every year.

You will most likely get to travel more with your job and more growth opportunities

Speaking more than one language fluently helps give you a global appeal. For instance, global companies hire employees who can blend seamlessly with other cultures and can be moved easily. Therefore, with knowledge of more than one language, you could get opportunities to travel more because you can fill the communication gap between companies and their clients. This means that learning a foreign language opens you up to become a truly global employee. It breaks limits to growth and allows you to explore new job opportunities in foreign nations. Think about it – ever get tired of living in the UK? Learn French, for example, and go live in France, or an African country that speaks French, without any problems!

Better people and cultural skills

Learning and speaking a foreign language involves getting into a new culture. It therefore allows you to relate to different cultural groups which can have endless personal and professional benefits. This happens when your eyes are open to new experiences like new music, styles, literature and history, all thanks to you understanding a certain language.

The benefits of learning a second language are endless. Apart from the professional benefits, there are also numerous personal advantages. It also helps the process of learning the language can be fun, depending on the type of language.

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