The University of Hertfordshire partners with students’ emotional fitness app Fika

University of Hertfordshire partners with Fika to safeguard student wellbeing and employability

The University of Hertfordshire has become the latest higher education institution to partner with students’ emotional fitness app Fika, in a bid to safeguard its students’ wellbeing, academic performance and employability.

The Fika app, which helps students build their confidence, resilience, motivation, focus and empathy through simple five-minute emotional workouts, launched earlier this year and has a growing list of university partners UK-wide.

The app offers more than 200 context-specific emotional workouts designed by psychologists to help students navigate the challenges of university life, as well as boosting their attainment and employability.

The Fika app helps students build their confidence, resilience, motivation, focus and empathy through five-minute emotional workouts

Students using Fika have reported increased positivity (83%), reduced anxiety & stress (81%), improved ability to handle challenges (82%), increased motivation (81%) and increased confidence (79%).

Piloting the app

The University of Hertfordshire will pilot Fika across its School of Life & Medical Sciences, making Fika available to the school’s 4,000-odd students.

The School will also contribute to Fika’s academic research programme, working with Fika’s head of research and other university partners to quantify the impact of regular emotional exercise on student wellbeing, attainment and employability.

In addition, Joanne Askew, a PhD student at Hertfordshire, will devote her thesis to understanding and measuring Fika’s effectiveness in transforming, improving and maintaining student wellbeing in the UK.

Said Dr Philip Porter, associate dean of education at the University of Hertfordshire (School of Life & Medical Sciences): “Fika is a proactive tool to build students’ mental fitness, equipping them to cope with the inevitable challenges they will face, at university and beyond. As a university that values our students as partners, we’re delighted to join forces with Fika, proactively giving students the tools they need to thrive.”

Nick Bennett, CEO & co-founder of Fika, commented: “The University of Hertfordshire has a great reputation in student experience and employability, and we hope this partnership will help strengthen that reputation. We’ve now seen the extent of student demand for Fika, with students across more than 50 UK universities using and championing our app. We invite all UK universities to contact us about making Fika available to their full student bodies, helping us safeguard the next generation’s wellbeing, relationships and careers.”

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