Technical and professional universities team up to boost business collaboration

University Alliance launches network to drive university-industry partnerships

Professional and technical universities are to collaborate on a new knowledge exchange and enterprise network to drive university-industry partnerships.

University Alliance, the association of professional and technical universities, has launched the initiative to enable its members to respond to Research England’s newly launched Knowledge Exchange Framework.

As an alliance, we believe universities are stronger in partnership – Dr Isabel Spence

University Alliance network lead Dr Isabel Spence said:

“As an alliance, we believe universities are stronger in partnership. By coming together to share expertise, identify best practice and push forward the agenda, our members will be adding the maximum possible value to their students, society and the economy.

“This network will therefore not be limited to responding to the KEF or the areas measured but all areas of knowledge exchange which truly drive growth.”

Shared priorities

The network will allow Alliance universities to work together to submit collective bids, identifying shared priorities and providing single points of contact.

Rosemary Nunn, head of commercialisation and innovation at the University of Greenwich and chair of the new Knowledge Exchange and Enterprise Network said:

“My experience on the industry side of knowledge exchange relationships has highlighted how complex it can be to discover routes into partnerships. Working together will allow Alliance Universities to present a single contact point to businesses and government, as well as collaborating on projects to make the most of limited resource.

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