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Bespoke solutions

At Office Depot we work closely with several education establishments and frameworks, which gives us a real insight into the products and services needed for the challenges you face. That said, we get that you are unique and we can tailor our products and solutions, partnering with you to develop a proposition that works for you.

Creating savings and managing budgets

It’s your budget and we can help you stay in control of it with approval limits. We can also work with you to identify opportunities to consolidate your orders, whether that be improving the efficiency of existing orders or the consolidation of suppliers. With the breadth of our service and product range we will be able to help you reduce the complexity of supply, reducing admin, reducing costs and reducing transportation impacts on the planet.

Meeting your objectives

We can help you meet your green and CSR agenda beyond reducing transportation pollution. Along with over 2,000 products in our range with externally verified environmental attributes, we take several steps to care for our environment. We operate a chain of custody for our entire product range and a package reduction programme. We also send none of our waste to landfill, resulting in 90% of it being recycled.

In 2019 we began working with ClimatePartner who invest in carbon off set projects to offset our delivery carbon emissions (which also contributes to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals).

Buying with confidence

Our scale means that you can buy with confidence. Our extensive distribution network ensures that the majority of orders products arrive on the next working day. We can cover all your supply needs from paper and stationery, furniture, printing, shredding and storage, cleaning and hygiene and numerous training packages (including first aid and mental wellbeing). We also provide a 30-day money back guarantee returns/collections service, giving you piece of mind to get on with the thousands of other task you need to get done.

Case Study – University of Bristol

Originally, The University of Bristol ordered through Office Depot via a third party which did not make order consolidation an easy process. We saw an extremely high numbers of low value orders being processed which meant the estate was receiving hundreds of small deliveries per week.

We worked together and developed a plan, moving to a punch-out account with low value orders clearly discouraged through messaging on their bulletin boards and pop up banners.

Consolidation was encouraged by having a wide range of products available. We activated the ‘switch and save’ option with a green emphasis, driving customers towards the best sustainable products. We also looked to drive larger pack sizes and recycled options for general office products. Together we have already made a significant difference, with low value orders dropping from 54% of all orders to 37% by the end of 2018.

Towards the end of 2018, we pushed out this celebration of our achievements. Not only did this make The University of Bristol a greener place to work and study, it reduced the amount of traffic on site making it a safer place to be.

This work is of course an ongoing initiative. We have the support of a great procurement team who continually strive to make improvements, recognising that no matter how small the change is, it will always make a positive contribution to the overall achievement.

Talk to us

To find out more about how Office Depot can help you manage your office supplies, give Paula Boswell a call on 0161 301 8352 or email

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