Five spinout companies launched at Newcastle University in 2020

Defying the logistical challenges of the pandemic, the nascent spinout businesses each deploy cutting-edge technology in pursuit of socially conscious ends

Despite it being a uniquely uncertain and logistically challenging year, 2020 saw five spinout companies launch at Newcastle University.

Each of the new businesses specialises in using technology to deliver socially conscious ends.

“Innovation and creativity are now more important than ever in a post-Brexit and Covid world,” said David Huntley, the university’s head of company creation. “Our new technologies are developed to fundamentally make the world a better place for real people in our communities.

“Our businesses are built to solve problems in healthcare, sustainability and manufacturing, among many other sectors. Everything we create has a social impact at the heart of it and the technologies we are bringing to market are at the forefront of issues facing real people every day. “

The five spinout companies established in the last year are:

  • ScubaTx A potentially life-saving method of organ transportation. Its monitoring of gas distribution through an organ allows it to be transported over greater distances without the need for constant intervention by a medical technician
  • XR Therapeutics Deploying the use of virtual reality in the treatment of autism
  • Dragonfly Insulation Highly timely in the wake of both Grenfell and the 2019 fire at a student accommodation block in Bolton, the development of insulating materials based on high porosity, low density and fire-resistant aerogels
  • GlycoScore Targeting glycan sugar groups to improve the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer
  • Indicatrix Providing bespoke crystallisation screening for small organic molecules

“Newcastle University spinouts have also secured investment of over £10m in the Covid period to grow and accelerate seven businesses that we know are going to continue to have an impact for people every day,” added Huntley.

“This includes AMLo, developers of early-stage melanoma testing; Newcells Biotech, the use of induced pluripotent stem cells in new drug development; and CellulaREvolution, a company which develops continuous cell culturing technologies for cultured meat, cell therapy and biologics manufacturers.”

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