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Catering & hospitality

Green food is clean food

Let's work in harmony with our bodies and our world, says Russell's Partnership's founder and ...

Can you reduce your costs by changing the way you buy?

Simon Gurney, Procurement Manager at Pelican Procurement Services, shares some practical tips ...

Catering for conference season

By Matt White, Chair of TUCO and Director of Catering, Hotel and Conference Services at The Un...

TUCO Competitions return for 2017

Warwick University hosts prestigious catering awards over two days, welcoming more than 400 de...

Digital innovations in food

By The Russell Partnership's Prof David Russell

Scottish university goes gluten-free

University collaboration signals recipe for success for Edinburgh food firm

Wrexham Glyndwr gets catering overhaul 

New coffee shops and food outlets are among £200,000 of improvements to catering facilities...

Taking the heat out of food safety and hygiene obligations

Checkit removes the pen-and-paper burden of daily catering checks

Waste not want not

Matt White, Chair of TUCO, discusses the environmental impact of food waste in the HE sector

Turning up the heat

Keri Beckingham looks at the ways that unis are adapting their catering offering in order to c...

Winners announced at TUCO Competitions

150 HE caterers go head-to-head to compete in a series of food and drink challenges

Bringing environmentally-friendly drinking water to HE

Unis are advised to promote the use of reusable bottles instead of pre-bottled water, having a...

Think global, act local - the power of collaborative working

With the ease of travel and the power of social media, students are among the first to discove...

Understanding your customers

Leeds' Beverley Kenny reflects on the competitive nature of offering catering services at a Ci...

New framework serves up recruitment solution for HE

TUCO launches first national catering recruitment framework

Celebrating university catering excellence

By Matt White, Chair of TUCO

University in Birmingham hosts langar

"Birmingham City University's biggest meal" was free for all who attended

Keeping HE catering ahead of the curve

Matt White, Chair of TUCO, discusses the importance of planning ahead when catering for trend-...

TUCO launches 1st national catering recruitment framework

The framework will allow caterers to recruit staff with as little as 24 hours' notice

Drinking water: improving environmental credentials

ACS teamed up with BRITA Vivreau having discovered the sustainable benefits of the Table Water...

Lancaster achieves Food for Life Catering Mark

Lancaster University achieves prestigious Food for Life Catering Mark, a recognised industry s...

The future is digital, the future is now

Mike Haslin, Chief Executive Officer at TUCO, discusses the age of digital procurement and wha...

The best tonic

The gin trend will continue well into 2017, says Keele University's Executive Chef, Peter Walt...

TUCO Chair named 'Top 20 Influencer'

The University Caterers Organisation's Matt White has been named in the annual Top 20 Public S...

TUCO launches its first Chinese Cookbook

TUCO brings a taste of the Orient to UK campuses in time for the Chinese New Year

Tom Kerridge to open 20th Anniversary of Skills for Chefs

This year's Skills for Chefs conference will see some big names and exciting dishes

Incorporating food trends into campus offers

Affordable, healthy & delicious fast-food epitomises student requirements - emotionally & phys...

New year, new menu

From street food to local produce, what's being consumed on campus and what are the predicted ...

The attitude shift

Mike Haslin at TUCO, explains how healthy eating and sustainability are changing procurement i...

The BRITA Vivreau Bottler - a success story

The University of Sheffield discovers the sustainable benefits of BRITA Vivreau's Table Water ...

Visit to the US gives catering manager food for thought

Bill Brogan gets some tips on a visit to Harvard University

Cutting kitchen consumption with multifunctional appliances

Researchers at Zurich University studied the energy consumption in a commercial catering kitch...

New year, new leadership for TUCO

By Mike Haslin, Chief Operating Officer, The University Caterers Organisation (TUCO)

A rollercoaster of a year

By Russell Partnerships's Professor Russell Davis

2016 - A year in the life of ASRA

Here's a snapshot of the work the Association for Student Residential Accommodation (ASRA) has...

Arrive, survive, thrive!

By Tom White, Marketing Director, StudentCom and Campuslife

Reasons for buying organic

Will organic be driving your food business operation in 2017?

November bites

Peter Walters, Keele University's Executive Chef, preps for the festive season with a perfect ...

Building resilience

By Russell Partnerships's Professor Russell Davis

Success for BRITA Vivreau at University of Sheffield

University of Sheffield teamed up with BRITA Vivreau having discovered the sustainable benefit...