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Increasing student engagement just got easier than ever

Sponsored: There's nothing like Crowdbeamer to hold students' interest, says Hans Romaen, Dire...


Minimising the growth of the networking budget

Sponsored: Techbuyer's Tim Phillips on the cost savings to the networking budget realised by 3...

Catering & hospitality

Uni caterers living in a world of opportunity, finds TUCO

Sponsored: As TUCO launch their new Global Food & Beverage Trends Report, CEO Mike Haslin disc...


Exam takers should be left to their own devices

Brunel University London staff say their experience shows that giving students a 'bring your o...


Armstrong Ceilings launches new education brochure

SPONSORED: The new brochure focuses on ceiling systems that make a difference in education fac...


University of Manchester mental health e-course now live

SPONSORED: The university has developed the content alongside Marshall E-Learning


What is active learning and what are its keys to success?

SPONSORED: Active learning is a method of study that connects students with the subject matter...


Practising what you teach at the University of Sheffield


Three advantages of using durable ID card holders on campus

SPONSORED: ID card holders may be a small consideration but they can improve security and visi...


Why universities should invest in integrated security

Sponsored: It can be tricky choosing the best security solution, an integrated solution can i...


The value of internships

Professor Keith McLay, Pro Vice-Chancellor Dean at the University of Derby, asks, what is the ...


How tech can benefit classroom interaction

Sponsored: Dan Shaw, Tutor at Strode College, talks us through how tech can bolster classroom ...

Finance, legal, HR

Investing in employees health and wellbeing

Sponsored: Employees are the most valuable asset of any successful company; universities and ...


How to create diversity in academic leadership recruitment

Elizabeth James offers a spotlight on research profiles and issues in recruiting diverse leade...


Why cyber security should be top of every uni's priorities

Head of business and technology at the University of Gloucestershire, Prof Kamal Bechkoum, exp...


Evolving operational leadership in higher education

Unis that focus on creating seamless modern-day operations will give the modern student enviro...

Finance, legal, HR

Patient Advocate to unveil HE healthcare management solution

SPONSORED: The company have been working with UB on an upcoming feature on staff wellbeing

Catering & hospitality

Six steps to student wellness: part one

Written by Professor David Russell in partnership with Charlotte Harbour


The sustainability of sports lighting

Sponsored: Harry Riste, Co-Founder of GrassRoots Power CIC, looks at the new approaches to mak...


Futureproofing ASRA

ASRA Chair, Karen Burke, outlines how officers working in student accommodation will continue ...


Are You Failing Your Students Without Realising It?

Download whitepaper: How incorporating an effective automated grading tool in can improve lear...


Planning the installation of a new AC system

Sponsored: Roberto Mallozzi, MD at Gree UK, the world's largest air conditioning manufacturer...


Lanchester Library: a perfect example of getting it right

SPONSORED: James Breakell, UK MD of D-Tech International, discusses the company's installation...

Finance, legal, HR

Whistleblowing in higher education: All about to change?

Tom Long, legal director and employment lawyer at Shakespeare Martineau, on what the new Offic...


Essential items to bring to a networking event

SPONSORED: How can post-graduates make the best first impression?


Bossing the future

Are universities doing enough to prepare graduates for tomorrow's leadership? Chris Sheppardso...


Accessibility and fairness: the keys to parking management

While there are big differences between campus and city centre unis, they face a similar dilem...


The pros and cons of edtech and how to overcome limitations

Cosector consider how education technology can help and hinder the learning processes, plus ho...


The advantages of open-source software for digital needs

To explain the benefits entirely, we focus on a particular piece of software - Moodle


Creating value: how postgrad studies can make the difference

Dual creation of value can help to meet both the needs of students and employers and provide a...

Finance, legal, HR

The regulatory framework for higher education in England

VWV's Bettina Rigg outlines the steps available to help avoid sanctions and support ongoing re...


A question of degree

Is higher education really worth the debt and pain, asks Chris Sheppardson, CEO at EP Innovate...


Middlesex University launches retention campaign

Front's project looks to tackle drop-outs around the application process


Scaling an edtech startup in emerging markets

By Henry Motte-Munoz, CEO and Founder of


European expansion for Housing Hand

SPONSORED: Housing Hand, the award-winning rent guarantor service, expands its service into Ir...

Catering & hospitality

Diversifying our supply chain & promoting student enterprise

SPONSORED: By Tom Laskey, Business Development Director, Sodexo Universities


New Investment Director at Victoria Hall Management (VHML)

Kevin WIlliamson joins the student accommodation developer from Unite Students


Pulling the plug on traditional build methods

Andy Wilkinson, Director at Taplanes, on why offsite builds are taking the education sector by...


How Brexit will change governance in UK higher education

The potential threat is huge, says Ed Rees, Head of Education and Third Sector, eShare

Catering & hospitality

Keeping watch - food safety innovation around the world

The Russell Partnership's Professor David Russell and Charlotte Harbour tell us about FoodWatc...