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Top 5 space saving tips for Student Accommodation

Anna Hampshire, Product Manager for J.T Ellis and Co Ltd gives us her tips to maximise space

Posted by Ed Brown | November 17, 2017 | Facilities

The Bed – Is this the most important thing in the room? If so, choosing to lose some desk and floor space for a bigger bed is the vital first decision. We are now installing more 4ft beds as students shout that this as a must have.

Choosing a boxed bed or drawers under a metal frame bed is the most popular choice to maximise storage space using up every bit of floor space possible.

The Desk – having the desk as an extension of a wardrobe or bookshelf with one metal leg frame, increases space and creates the perfect solution for using up awkward spaces. Leave the wooden end panels for the bed so that the open desk end makes the room feel more spacious. 

Boxed Shelving – whether its floating above the door, desk or bed, shelving is a great way to add maximum storage and even some display space for decorations and study material. Using more boxed shelving and less cupboards create a more open and spacious feel to the room and is a great deal tidier than a pile on the floor.

The Wardrobe – Choosing to have half open and half covered by a door maximises the feel of space to the room. Again, not boxing in visibility of depth and space to the room.

The Mirror – The more mirrors the better. Mirrors on walls create an illusion of depth to a room. Opt for a full-length mirror and a long landscape head height mirror as a minimum. Adding in 2-3 mirrors in a room will maximise the illusion.

For more tricks of the trade and to utilise our knowledge in maximising space for student living, contact


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