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Regent's set to benefit from European Commission award

Regent's University London will share the 215,000 euro award for developing transnational careers

Posted by Hannah Oakman | November 27, 2015 | International

Regent’s University London will share in a €215,000 award from the European Commission’s Erasmus+ Program to EBC Hochschule and a small group of partner universities for the development of a shared group of ‘Transnational Career Centres.’

EBC Hochschule, a private university with four campuses in Germany, has begun working with Regent’s University London, Paris School of Business, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, and the Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan to create a series of globalised career centres.

EBC Hochschule plans to implement the project over a three-year period to 2018 with the objectives of opening up international career paths for European students and encouraging entrepreneurial behaviour.

Jérôme Rickmann, project leader and developer, explains: “Individual universities have already committed to developing their own international career centres.

“Higher education career offices are restricted by a national focus, so when a student wants an internship or job in another country they are often sent to the international office, which isn’t equipped to help either.

“The solution is not to build bigger careers offices, but rather set up a substantive network of universities to advance training plans and advise students effectively on different markets.

“At the moment we will be keeping our partner group deliberately small to ensure information and services are shared effectively, although there is no reason other universities can’t develop similar models.

“We hope our group – which encompasses around 100,000 students in Europe – will strengthen relationships with business and establish international careers support as a core service within all of our institutions.”

Veejay Mistry - Careers Advisor at Regent’s University London, adds: “This project will support students and graduates entering the labour market with comprehensive information and reliable services, including an online knowledge and jobs platform.

“This will be accompanied by a new summer school scheme, taking place over a week in July and welcoming 25 students from each partner institution to exchange ideas under the banner of ‘entrepreneurship in Europe.’”

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