Accommodation key to keeping students happy

NSHS 2017 finds that accommodation management is one of the key drivers of overall student satisfaction

The National Student Housing Survey (NSHS) 2017 has found that student buyers are becoming ever more complex and demanding, revealing that students increasingly care more about their accommodation experience and not simply the physical features of their room and building.

The study of over 34,000 students from across the UK has discovered that the rating of overall accommodation management is one of the key drivers of overall student satisfaction. The range of social and wellbeing-related services on offer also command increasing importance in terms of satisfaction. Condition, quality and room design is still important however this increasingly needs to be accompanied with a strong focus on student experience.

A more demanding student population reveals an increasingly complex picture for middle market university accommodation and PBSA providers. While perceived value for money remains high for ‘budget’ and ‘luxury’ accommodation the perceived value for money is stagnant for mid-ranged accommodation. Perhaps meaning that providers will have develop their student offer further considering marketing, price, positioning and differentiation.

Sarah Jones, Research Manager at Red Brick Research said: “With nearly 35,000 students responses there is a wealth of benchmarking and trend data available allowing us to uncover emerging trends and track longer term patters in student accommodation. This year’s results reveal a maturing market picture with broadening needs and smaller annual shifts in student perceptions.”

The winners on the National Student Housing Awards will be announce on the 6th September during an online event.