A cashless future?

Monitor IT can track and charge transactions in universities and colleges so that staff don't have to

Here at MonitorIT we are experts in creating seamless transaction management solutions, and we believe the future is cashless. Our software and hardware can track and charge transactions in universities and colleges so that staff don’t have to!

The premise for our cashless payment solution is convenience. We believe that the more convenient things are for you and your students/staff, the smoother your organisation can run. We make things easier for you by using ID technology to simplify administration and reduce operational costs for your organisation. And even more convenient than that: our system consists of a range of comprehensive solutions that can integrate with the existing infrastructure of your establishment.

We provide the key to solving problems caused by using cash for many different services including; print, copy and scanning, point of sale, vending, PC and internet access, ID card printing and laundry services or room and PC reservations.

So why is going cashless so much better for your organisation? Well, our cashless payment solutions can benefit institutions in many ways:

  • Improves convenience and security
  • Cuts admin time and costs
  • Reduces waste
  • Improves transaction management
  • Can be used with existing card systems (e.g. library systems)
  • Eliminates cash handling
  • Allows users to manage their budgets 

As you can see there are great advantages in making your organisation cashless, it improves efficiency and security, reduces costs and waste, so why not find out more by taking a look at our recent video and see how we can help you in the future.

W: www.monitorit.co.uk