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Integrate your security management for a safer campus

Utilising the latest technologies can maximise the security of your campus


Real-time information makes for good university decisions

Business Intelligence is the latest buzzword, but how can we integrate it into the complex wor...

Catering & hospitality

Keeping HE catering ahead of the curve

Matt White, Chair of TUCO, discusses the importance of planning ahead when catering for trend-...


Intelligent iPad and lockers for education

With the need of access to an often limited number of laptops and tablets it is important that...


Keeping the constantly-connected student truly connected

Rashid Ajami discusses the importance of helping students to not get overwhelmed by being 'con...


Rethinking learning spaces

By Mark Richards, Head of Design, Godfrey Syrett


Have we reached saturation point?

By David Campbell, managing director of Alumno Developments

Catering & hospitality

Drinking water: improving environmental credentials

ACS teamed up with BRITA Vivreau having discovered the sustainable benefits of the Table Water...


Masterplanning the future of HE

Hannah Trubshaw at Pegasus Group, explains the importance of modern accommodation at universit...


2017 university design trends

Laura Light, Concept Designer at Interface, looks at upcoming trends for university spaces


Energy and Estates: reducing costs

Universities can continually monitor teaching space utilisation and reduce energy costs, says ...


Why universities should embrace learning analytics 

Universities need to use learning analytics to improve what they offer students, says Andy Alf...


Welcome to the school of life

The secrets to truly inspiring & nurturing learning environments


2017 Colour Trends by Ellis

The key colour trends for kitchens and bedrooms for 2017/2018


Dealing with data

Steve Williams discusses the practical approach to IT security in universities


The growth of data intensive university research

Infrastructure reliability and usability is key to making data intensive research work, says A...


Is edtech the future for HE catering?

Both VR and AR present multiple, exciting opportunities for learning and student experience op...


Just enough security: a practical approach to IT security

Our universities are open and inclusive spaces... And they need to stay that way, writes Steve...


Spotlight on digital capabilities

by Julie Adams, Academic Skills Tutor at Staffordshire University


What's new in access control?

The world of physical access control is constantly evolving as technology advances


International learning - seize the opportunity

How HE commercial services professionals can gain valuable insights into other cultures in a b...


HE estates - life after Brexit

The Higher Education Estates Forum poses the question - how can universities be more competiti...


Blended learning: Rethinking the education space

Technology has become intricately woven into the fabric of our everyday lives, and the world o...


The Next Level in Room Utilisation

A brief Q + A session on how universities can benefit from live occupancy reporting.


Balance of opinion

Is it possible to invest in technology while balancing budgets? Steve Wright asks a panel of e...

Catering & hospitality

The future is digital, the future is now

Mike Haslin, Chief Executive Officer at TUCO, discusses the age of digital procurement and wha...


Leicester's School of Business 'has top 20 potential'

Professor Zoe Radnor shares her thoughts on the future of the new School of Business 


The importance of staying connected

Chris Harrison, Deputy Director of Campus Services at Uni of Leicester, shares why super-fast ...


Edtech is an enabler of change

Technology is an enabler of change, yet schools, colleges and universities have differing prio...


The evolution of student accommodation

Andrew Kitchen, Director at LK2, discusses how architects can create student communities that ...


Coming up at UCISA17

By James Woodward, Client Services Manager, Manchester Metropolitan University


The changing FE landscape

Adducere and Willmott Dixon discuss sourcing funding for modern facilities as further educatio...


Teaching Excellence Framework: Improving Lecture Delivery

Sukhi Hayer, Head of Communications and Training at Broadcast Media Services, looks at the Te...


Brexit - what it means for your international students

VWV's Tom Brett Young discusses what might happen to the rules and regulations which are curre...

Catering & hospitality

The best tonic

The gin trend will continue well into 2017, says Keele University's Executive Chef, Peter Walt...


The higher education design trends for 2017

Atkins' Design Director Philip Watson discusses the factors to consider when making the right ...


First impressions matter

By Russell Parnerships's Professor David Russell


Meeting the student experience challenge

By Professor Amanda Coffey, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Student Experience and Academic Standards, Ca...


Why community matters when housing students

University of Sussex Head of Housing, Dean Spears, looks at the importance of university and c...

Finance, legal, HR

The more things change

Professor Zahir Irani discusses the current battle in the House of Lords over reforms to the H...