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When green is clean

John Fathers, CEO at Green World Innovations talked us through the true meaning of green cleaning

Posted by Hannah Oakman | June 28, 2016 | Sustainability

‘Green’ is such a buzz word at the moment and in my opinion is totally overused. I find myself feeling sceptical about some products that claim to be green - are they really? Or are they just slightly greener than before? People in all walks of life, working in a variety of sectors, are looking for green solutions and green alternatives but what does that even mean anymore?

I have worked in the cleaning industry for my whole career and the ‘growth of green’ has been noticeable. For an industry that is generally slow moving and dare I say, behind the times, it has definitely caught on to the green revolution. In fact, the Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association has just identified that a third of cleaning supplier’s sales are green cleaning products.

Don’t get me wrong – I am all up for helping the environment, reducing human kind’s impact on earth and improving everyone’s general well-being – but I am just keen to ensure that when we call something green it really is.

Traditionally in cleaning numerous chemicals are used for a whole variety of surfaces – if you want something cleaned, there’s a chemical for it. But the requirement to use these toxins that seriously damage the environment, as well as people’s health, is now being challenged by numerous companies including Green World Innovations.

Green World Innovations is the exclusive distributor of the Tersano lotus® PRO that produces Stabilised Aqueous Ozone - a sanitiser that is 100% natural and 100% environmentally friendly. It really is a green product in its truest sense.

It sounds too good to be true as it is simply cold tap water that is infused with a stabiliser and then has the power to clean and perform as well as its chemical counterparts. It’s toxin free, pollutant free and much better for the general well-being of cleaning staff and anyone using the building that’s being cleaned.

The lotus® PRO is installed onsite with a power and water feed connected and only needs a small amount of energy to function. The machine then infuses ordinary tap water with a stabiliser creating Stabilised Aqueous Ozone that cleaning staff can dispense into spray bottles, buckets or ride on cleaning machines.

The sanitiser can then be used to clean any surface including floors, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and offices. After up to 24 hours, the infused water turns back into ordinary tap water again and can be poured away, without contaminating the environment.

So there are no more chemicals being poured away and polluting our rivers and streams, no more lorries on the roads delivering chemicals and a reduction in chemicals being manufactured.

For facilities staff the introduction of Stabilised Aqueous Ozone also saves a lot of time and money – no need to do stock takes of chemicals, reduced staff training, no more measuring and dosing of chemicals and no need to buy chemicals – all without compromising on cleaning standards and performance.

So if you want to make a change that really benefits the environment and really is green, look no further.

To find out more please visit or call 01530 275520.

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