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SMART Interactive Board 885ix2

Combining the simplicity of a whiteboard with the power of a computer, and lets you deliver dynamic lessons

Posted by Rebecca Paddick | December 01, 2014 | Technology


The SMART Board 885ix2 is a piece of kit makes it easy to create interactive and engaging lessons. Students can simply walk up to the board and immediately begin working together. 

Manufacturers SMART provide free demonstrations but educational users should actually need very little help to get started with this user-friendly whiteboard.  The only drawback is that the SMART is really too chunky to be moved easily from room to room.  Apart from that, it’s an excellent solution for all levels of education. 


  • Projector is 3D-ready, has 3300 lumens, offers two HDMI inputs and has integrated speakers.
  • Rapid-response touch functionality.
  • Seamless navigation between activities, such as the ability to copy and paste information from a web browsing session immediately into the Notepad feature.
  • Lesson capture – part of the flipped classroom solution.
  • The board can also distinguish between finger and pen touch.



  • Up to four people can interact with lesson content anywhere on the whiteboard surface.
  • Easily identifiable writing, drawing and moving modes. Also features a multiuser Pen Tray with buttons that make it easy for users to switch ink colour, access the on-screen keyboard and right-click.
  • 87" screen makes for easy viewing in a large classroom.
  • Short-throw projector – the board is not obscured by shadows.
  • Low-gloss surface optimised for projection, compatible with dry-wipe markers and magnets and is easily cleaned.


 Mobility and flexibility:

  • Due to its size, it would prove difficult to move the whiteboard around a classroom during lessons – a drawback for interactivity.
  • However, you can link it to other devices, as a networked interactive whiteboard system.
  • The 885ix2 has asset management features that enable you to control and manage the projector remotely.
  • The projector is mounted directly above the interactive whiteboard, so virtually any classroom can accommodate the 885ix2 without needing complicated wiring or ceiling mounting.



  • Software is included with the board, and the license is free.
  • Integration with Google 3D warehouse.
  • Lots of downloadable content via the SMART online portal.
  • SMART UX80 lamp lasts for 2,000 hours in standard mode and 3,000 hours in economy mode.
  • Standard 3-year limited equipment warranty plus five-year warranty on whiteboard following product registration.


Technical Specifications and price


  • Size: W 199.4 cm x  H 130 cm x D 16.5cm
  • Active screen area (diagonal): 221 cm
  • Aspect ratio: 16:10
  • Weight: 27.2 Kg


  • Type: SMART UX80
  • Dimensions: W 65 cm  x H 60cm x D 40 cm 
  • Resolution: 1280 x 800
  • Weight (projector + boom): 15.3 Kg



RRP: From £3,809


Five Star Rating: 5 stars


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