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Pre-arrival perfection

By Tom White, Marketing Director, StudentCom and Campuslife

Posted by Hannah Oakman | October 22, 2016 | Facilities

From A-level results through to the end of September, Campuslife welcomed 53,121 students to their new life at university through our online platform, The Browzer Student Welcome. I’ve picked out the key trends of student engagement with welcome information that you can use to achieve pre-arrival perfection next year…

Mobile, Mobile, Mobile

72% of students completed their Student Welcome on mobile devices – that’s almost 40,000 students. With 92% of 15–18-year-olds already owning their own smartphone (The Great Expectations of Generation Z, 2016) students expect communications to work seamlessly on their mobile devices.

Accessible and engaging information needs to work on smartphones and tablets.

Timing is Everything

Timing of your pre-arrival information is hugely important. Too soon and it’s irrelevant – too late and you risk students arriving without the key information they need. Our data shows the best dates for maximum student engagement are on A-level results days, when students are buzzing with excitement about their university journey. The next most effective is exactly one week before students arrive in their accommodation. 

Content is King

What information do students spend the most time engaging with?

1.) Accommodation arrivals information.

Expectations of the day, the who, when and where. We’re sure a lot of this engagement is also thanks to Mum and Dad!

2.) Targeted and personal information.

Students don’t want a generic experience.They want to know about their accommodation, what’s in their room, who else is living in their halls. A personalised welcome is key to capturing students’ attention.

3.) Don’t make me read when I can watch!

Video content is twice as likely to be engaged with versus written content: think animations, films and videos. 

This is just a snippet of what we’ve gained from this year’s pre-arrival experience. Find out more by getting in touch with Campuslife.


T: 0845 224 6498

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