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Peace of mind and energy efficiency

Prefect Controls making energy management and savings easy

Posted by Hannah Oakman | October 16, 2016 | Facilities

Prefect Controls has designed and manufactured energy controls for student accommodation for many years and their products are as at home in new developments as they are in ancient buildings.

PrefectIrus controls heating, lighting and water heating, giving the occupant control of temperature within set parameters, while energy managers can monitor, measure and adjust energy use without setting foot in the room from anywhere in the world with internet connection. Using existing wiring within the building means installation is quick and easy, and infrastructure is undisturbed.

PrefectIrus can also automatically and invisibly shift energy demand, so that the National Grid can better manage fluctuations in supply and demand across the country. Universities are paid to provide this service, which adds to the significant saving on energy costs as well as providing a clean, low-cost and smarter approach to grid balancing.

The Ecostat range provides inexpensive local control of both ‘wet’ and electrical heating systems. Occupants can adjust temperatures within set limits but when they are not in the room Ecostat takes over and adjusts the temperature making sure that heat is only used when necessary and therefore saves energy and costs.

Hobsafe ensures hobs are turned off when students leave their kitchen area unoccupied or are distracted when cooking, saving energy and emergency service call-out charges!

The cleverly simple technology employed means that all Prefect controls are as easy and cost-effective to use as they are to install. 


Subscribe to our free fortnightly newsletter and stay ahead with the latest news in HE

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