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New Year... new approach

By Nick Lomax, Marketing Manager, Kinetic Solutions

Posted by Hannah Oakman | December 11, 2016 | Finance, legal, HR

Many of us will be hard at work keeping to the various New Year’s Resolutions that we have made. Whether we have pledged to hit the gym or are determined to de-clutter, resolving to do something new can be hugely energising and presents fantastic opportunities.

But what about the resolutions that we could make for our work time? What simple steps could we adopt to make the everyday that little bit easier and more effective for both our teams and our customers? 

A detox… for our contacts database

“Clean data ensures that the right message can be communicated to the right individual via the right channels” (Harte-Hanks) 

Few of us would put up with duplicate contacts and random telephone numbers in our own mobile devices… that would just waste time right? Yet too many of us endure this situation with our contact databases at work, leading to frustration, duplicate effort, and potentially missed opportunities for awareness raising and conversion.

It’s time well spent with our teams to agree simple criteria for not only the cleaning and segmentation of our contacts database, but also determining how the data is maintained on a regular basis throughout 2017.

And don’t be afraid to be ruthless - archive lapsed contacts for new re-engagement or nurture campaigns and zone in on your frequent bookers, most profitable repeat customers and hottest prospects. Just resolve to make regular review points to ensure you don’t run out of steam by March and wait for next year’s resolutions before you get it sorted.

Lose some weight... from your sales proposals

Time is a luxury that few of us can afford, and this holds just as true for our customers. Yet many of us still expect our prospects to pick through volumes of information about our venues and services, using standard text and incorporating little or no personalisation.

According to Mammalian Studios research, visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text… so why do so many of us persist with such an ineffective process to nurture potential business? 

Digital proposals that contain quality images and/or video content can hook and excite prospects in ways that a hefty PDF can only dream of. They are also easier to digest, easier to share and easier for us to analyse engagement levels.

Why not make 2017 the year when your proposals become leaner and achieve more with less?


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