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Manchester Metropolitan University hosts Print Tech Day

The university will provide insights into new 2D and 3D print technologies, and their introduction into HE

Posted by Charley Rogers | March 10, 2017 | Events

Located at MMU’s Print Services department on 31st March, this dedicated Print Tech Day will explore the emerging technologies that are currently flooding the HE creative and print market.

It’s an exciting time to be involved in print, but as Manchester Metropolitan knows the hard way, there’s far more to introducing whizzy technologies than simply procuring the hardware and software or jumping on board with external commercial partners that promise the moon on a stick.

Time, effort and money can disappear down the plughole if you don’t know exactly how your institution will benefit from this new technology and you don't nail down the details before purchase and implementation. 

On the flip side, new technologies can open new markets, allow you to provide a wider range of services to better support teaching, learning and research, and streamline the way you do business – a smarter way of working. 

The day’s activities will be focused on and geared around learning, and how HE professionals can help each other to make informed decisions.

The key presentation will be delivered by MMU’s 3D Manager Ed Keefe, and will address the importance of developing a rationale for the use of new tech, building ownership, budgetary considerations, and training. There will also be an array of suppliers on hand to answer questions.

For further information on the day, click here.

Subscribe to our free fortnightly newsletter and stay ahead with the latest news in HE

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